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July 31, 2009

Greg Norman


THE MODERATOR: At 7-under for the Championship, Mr. Greg Norman.
GREG NORMAN: I like 8-under better than 7.

Q. Me, too.

Q. Just a quick review of the day. A little tougher, huh?
GREG NORMAN: Long day, it really was. I just said to Chris, my caddy, that might have been the longest day on the golf course I've had in a long time. It was hard work out there, tough pins.
The greens were tough speed to get figured out and my yardage always seemed like they were right in between clubs, couldn't go at a hard shot, and they were kind of like -- it was an awkward day, but Joey Sindelar played well.

Q. Only 36 holes, I would think you feel good about your position.
GREG NORMAN: Yeah, the way I finished today. Yeah, hanging in there late afternoon around the U.S. Senior Open golf course and a Pete Dye golf course, you knew it was going to be different. Joey and I said we can't believe the difference in the greens from yesterday morning to this afternoon. We expected it and tomorrow afternoon everything is on the same page now going forward.

Q. Fun and games over it's going to get a lot harder?
GREG NORMAN: I would think so. I think the forward tee positions and kind of -- it will toughen up, no question.

Q. Hole positions or firmness?
GREG NORMAN: Firmness. The greens have dried out, the upper crust of the surface of the green dried out quick, and there would be no spin. And sometimes you land it in an upslope and the ball would spin back, so it was confusing, and you couldn't get a good handle on where to land the shot.

Q. Although, like you said, you hung in there.
GREG NORMAN: All in all, very happy, yeah.

Q. Okay.
GREG NORMAN: Giving myself a good chance come the weekend.

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