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July 31, 2009

Loren Roberts


LOREN ROBERTS: I thought we just did this.

Q. Watson was talking earlier about -- I don't know what, course these guys are playing, where are these birdies coming from; do you feel that way today?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, I mean, even this afternoon it played harder for me than it did yesterday in the morning, obviously, but there were still birdies out there, double-digit birdies, that's pretty impressive.
My personal feeling, I think you're going to see a much, much different golf course tomorrow. You know, the tees were up -- they're up at 2, the tees were up at 17, the tees were up at 14 today, so I think you're going to see the tees back and tougher pin says tomorrow, I think you're going to see a different golf course.

Q. Is it starting to dry up and greens?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, the fairways are drying up and running fast. The pins were tougher today, but I think the greens are starting to dry out some and downwind shots were a good skip and a roll. I think it's going to be hunker down time starting tomorrow.

Q. How well do you know Tim Jackson and how is your reaction to how he's playing?
LOREN ROBERTS: I know Tim socially, not golfwise, called him a couple times to play, but I know that he always seems to win the state amateur. He's been a Walker Cup player, Mid-Am, couple times, I think he's making a run for Marucci. I think he wants to get on the team, doesn't he?

Q. That's the plan, yeah. Seemed like it got tougher today from 10 a.m. to 1:00.
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, it did. Had a little breeze.
The golf course was very playable today; it really was. I didn't hit enough great shots, very fortunate to get to 1-under today. I hit a couple of water balls and didn't strike as well today so I felt fortunate today. So I know there were still birdies out there.

Q. It's not really a U.S. Senior Open until the guys are cussing, though, right?
LOREN ROBERTS: Until guys are strenuously tested, yeah, probably.

Q. (No microphone.)
LOREN ROBERTS: Not even that much, really. The ball is zooming pretty good. The temperature is dry and it's warm and the ball was zooming good today. I was playing 7 to 8 more yards on my iron shots than I normally do.

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