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July 31, 2009

Fuzzy Zoeller


FUZZY ZOELLER: Hopefully there will be a couple of young people that come out and say, One day I'll be playing in front of this crowd like we had here.

Q. You got some young guys coming out of the second round here who are leading. Guys like Fred Funk.
FUZZY ZOELLER: Funk is not real young; he's an old fart [laughter]. It's good. Freddie played well last week. He's been on a roll. I guess the last three or four weeks he's played well.
That's the way the game runs. It runs in streaks. Some weeks you have it, and some weeks you don't. So, you know, God bless them. Like I say, hopefully it comes down to 18 and 3 or 4 have a shot of winning because we want excitement.

Q. What's next for you?
FUZZY ZOELLER: My charity tournament is next; the Work Challenge, here in two weeks, so looking forward to that. I've got Boo and Rocco Mediate, John Daly, myself. We should have some fun, a few laughs. Hopefully, everybody will come down and have a good time because we entertain the hell out of them.

Q. A lot of guys have been talking about the wind today; something you didn't see as much of yesterday.
FUZZY ZOELLER: It's a little different. I'll give you an example. The fourth hole we played into the wind, then turn right around on the par 5 and played into the wind. They go two entirely different directions.
But it is falling a little bit out there, but just enough to play your own wedge, know what I mean. Do I have the right number or not? Keeps them thinking. Keep them in their boots anyway.

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