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July 31, 2009

Mark O'Meara


Q. What's this the key today?
MARK O'MEARA: I think the key was not get too frustrated with the fact I wasn't driving it well. I didn't drive it well yesterday either.
When I was in the rough I was missing the right side of the fairways, you know. I just kind of hung in there, and I think a big turn around too was on 8. I pulled a 3-wood and hit the bank and went in the water; I dropped it, then I hit the 9-iron a foot and made par, so that kind of kept my round going. Then I started getting better drives the backside and that gave me confidence.
On the weekend, I'm certainly going to have to drive better than I have these two days. But I hit unreal on Wednesday. You should have seen me on Wednesday.

Q. Do you expect a tougher course this weekend, that they maybe just set it up to get everybody a round?
MARK O'MEARA: I think so. I think as it warms up -- I was surprised, when we played on Wednesday, the greens were really firm and, not fast, but they were hard. And yesterday they were quite a bit softer and quite a bit slower. I don't know if it rained quite a bit or they decided to back off and make them softer, but, you know, I think the course is a good set-up.
If you play good, you can get some scores out here. But it's not -- I don't think it's brutal, but it could get if they put the pins a little more tougher.

Q. Did you see what Tiger was doing?

Q. 6-under for the first five.
MARK O'MEARA: I saw he shot 1-under yesterday.
When I was in Europe everybody was asking, Does he need to do this and that. I said, Listen, for eight months you didn't have him and were asking for seven months, and now you got him and he's won three tournaments or whatever this year. It think, if he putted good at the Masters, he would have had a chance to win there. If he had putted good and had the right side of the U.S. Open he could have easily won there.
He missed the cut at Turnberry, and I played with him on Tuesday, and I've never seen him hit better. He was flawless on Tuesday. I would have bet the house -- I would have bet everything I have there is no way he wouldn't have finished in the top five, and he didn't make the cut. It doesn't happen very often to him, it's rare, but there's nothing wrong with that. Tiger will be fine.

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