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July 31, 2009

Kevin Stadler


Q. You had a pretty good start.
KEVIN STADLER: Yeah. I feel good. Easy start, and I'm happy with the play I played.

Q. When you have scores that are reported to be anywhere from 20 to 26-under, do you feel a sense of pressure that I gotta go out and birdie, birdie, birdie?
KEVIN STADLER: I can't say. You know you're going to need one round of something really low, two, three, four, somewhere in there. But as soon as you start trying to force birdies out here, you're in a lot of trouble. Just kind of let it happen, you can make a lot of pars and birdies. If you get out there and try forcing it, par 3s around there and greens are tricky if you get on the wrong side. Just kind of keep it in play and.

Q. Kevin, good day out there. Just get some comments on the round.
KEVIN STADLER: Yeah. Played pretty solidly, drove the ball all right. I've been struggling with driver, and kept it in play for the most part.
Hit the fairways out here, you're going to have a ton of chances, and I made one bogey, had a poor tee shot on 16, the par-5 and was in the bunker behind the tree and just kind of butchered the hole from there, but other than that, that was the only time I was in trouble all day. And really, I let a few go by yesterday and today. I hadn't made a whole lot of putts. I've missed a handful of 5, 6-footers, but I've had plenty of chances out there. Been nice, kind of worry-free golf for the most part.

Q. You're 5-under both rounds and you look at the leaderboard and you're right there, but you know everybody's going to keep going low. What's your mindset going in?
KEVIN STADLER: I'm right there right now because the guys who shot 9 and 8, whatever, haven't teed off yet. I'm expecting probably 15 or so by the end of the day.
There's zero wind out here. If you're playing well, you need to place a lot, but I'm definitely excited to be playing a little better to be sitting at 10, that's for sure.

Q. Have you been leading much this year?
KEVIN STADLER: I've had a couple decent tournaments. I haven't been playing very well lately, but earlier in the year I had a few Top 15, something like that.
I'm still kind of plugging along, just kind of waiting for a good week. I've been close, just haven't been putting them together.

Q. Will you be able to stay patient the next two rounds? You know, when you said what you said, 15 is maybe the score out there today. Do you feel you have to go out and maybe do some extraordinary tomorrow?
KEVIN STADLER: I was just telling them over there, you know, the winners, someone's going to shoot 62, 63, something like that. The guy that's going to finish on top. But as soon as you start going for those scores out here, you're gonna get bit. It's fairly narrow. If you just kind of keep trying to keep it in play, you can birdie every hole out here if you get it in the fairway, but as soon as you start pressing and start trying to make things happen, you can get in a lot of trouble very quickly.

Q. Anything in your practice or recent tournaments where you think you might have a couple rounds like this?
KEVIN STADLER: Not really. I hit it miserably last week, but you know, I've just been working at it. I played like 6 weeks in a row or something. I'm ready for a little break, ready to kind of figure out what's going on in my golf game, but I've been hitting my irons really good this week.
I've been hitting my irons okay. I've just been really struggling off the tee. Swapped the driver this week and found a few more fairways, so that's helped.

Q. (Indiscernible).
KEVIN STADLER: Just -- you know, being conditional this year, I don't get many starts, and I don't really have the luxury to be able to take a week off when I get in. So the one good stretch I've had all year, I've probably played 13, 14 events and six or seven of them happen to be in a row in the summertime.

Q. May just take another solid round?
KEVIN STADLER: No. Shooting a 10, you're probably going to need to get to 20 something, 24, 25. It's going to take two more pretty much flawless rounds for me. I would have loved to have gotten a couple more, but I'm very happy where I'm at.

Q. Maybe left a couple out there?
KEVIN STADLER: Yeah. Definitely. I haven't made many putts. I've chipped the ball very well. Just some days if I can get the five or 6 footers I'll be really happy, but it's just good to be going in that direction.

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