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November 2, 2001

Bernhard Langer


TODD BUDNICK: 3-under, 68 today, has you at 9-under for the tournament. You started today with a birdie on No. 2. Can you walk us through that.

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah No. 2 was good drive and pitching wedge to about 18 feet. 5, was a driver, 3-wood just through the green and chipped it to two feet. 7, hit a good drive, 5-iron little bit left of the green, bad chip and missed the putt. 9 was driver, 4-iron, 2-putts from 35 feet, 40 feet, something like that. 11, hit my driver little right and ended up next to a tree trunk so I didn't have a proper stance and kind of hit a low shot to the front left, left of the green into the rough there and chipped it up short and 2-putted from 50 feet. 14 was a driver, 7-iron hit the flag and finished about four feet behind. Next one was 3-wood, pitching wedge about a 12-foot putt.

TODD BUDNICK: You have had a terrific year. You have got yourself in contention going into the weekend. Give us little bit of your thoughts heading into Saturday and Sunday.

BERNHARD LANGER: Basically I like where I am. Obviously I'd rather be three or four shots ahead, but it's still a good position to be in and if you had asked me two days ago if I'd take 9-under, yes, I would have and I am very happy with the way I am playing. Today I was driving the ball better than I probably have driven it all year, which helps tremendously around this golf course and just a couple of putts weren't as solid as I'd like to have them. But we'll work on that for tomorrow.

Q. Was this about as easy as the scores can play in these conditions?

BERNHARD LANGER: I suppose so, yeah, I'd like to see a little bit more wind. I think yesterday was, you know, there was quite a bit of breeze and it makes it a little bit more challenging and a little tougher and I would like to see a little bit of wind come up the next couple of days.

Q. Were you put on the clock at some time?

BERNHARD LANGER: We were told on 13 that we needed to speed up. 13 the par 5?


BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, so we got -- I got to my ball and the guys are just putting the flag in and walking off the green, so well, what is all this about. Are we six seconds behind or what because they couldn't have hit 6 seconds ago, so, yeah, comes and goes, the speed varies, you don't know who is on the clock before you and all of a sudden they speed up and then you fall behind and then you have to speed up, so it's often, you know, you race for two holes; then you slow down because you wait. So it's a come-and-go thing quite often. But it's nothing new. It goes -- it's the whole year like that unless play is extremely slow where you wait on every shot.

Q. Does it bother you at all? Does it affect your mindset?

BERNHARD LANGER: No, not really. I have no problem. All you have to do is play one or two holes at a faster pace to pick up a few minutes here and there and you are back in position.

Q. Field is pretty bunched up, only a couple of guys kind of played themselves out of this tournament. Do you go into the weekend thinking there's a lot of names that can move?

BERNHARD LANGER: I haven't looked at all the scores yet so I really don't know. But if that's the case yeah, whoever is in red numbers probably still has a chance to win if he gets hot on the weekend. It's still early days, but I am just happy the way I am striking the ball and hopefully I keep shooting below 70.

Q. You have had a good year. When you are in your 40s do you think about the age at all catching up with you?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, it does get a little tougher, I would be lying if I said different. My body doesn't feel quite as good as it did 20 years ago. I had a stretch there where I didn't win for about three years, so you start wondering: Is it going to happen again or is this it. But this year I have had so many good tournaments and chances to win and I have won a couple in Europe and I came close winning over here a couple of times, so obviously there's a little bit of life left in this body and we'll keep plugging along.

Q. Was the Ryder Cup an awful lot of a factor to want to make it (inaudible) --

BERNHARD LANGER: Ryder Cup was always one of my goals. Every two years I want to make the Ryder Cup and I was extremely disappointed when -- I played nine in a row; then missed out two years ago and that was probably one of the biggest disappointment in my career. So I was very pleased again to have qualified for it at the age of 44 because it does get harder and I played a very limited schedule in Europe. Some of the guys are playing 30, 33 events. I am somewhere between, you know, 14 and 18 and that makes it pretty tough to win enough money or win more money than a guy who plays twice as much.

Q. Talking about age, but you look on the board you got yourself and Calc shot himself up the board pretty good today. Scott Verplank, I mean, the guys in their upper 30s and 40s seem to be at the top of the leaderboard. Says something for the experience factor, perhaps?

BERNHARD LANGER: Experience is certainly important, but again, a lot of the younger players have experience nowadays because they played, you know, a lot. They went through the amateur ranks. They played in college, in the Amateur events, it's not that they are total rookies when they are 25 or something. That's not true. They have played competitive golf all their lives. So experience is important, but I think whoever is here this week has experience. There's no one here who doesn't.

Q. I just thought you all were kicking the young guys butts?

BERNHARD LANGER: It's true, everybody writes about the young guys dominating and this and that and there's always a few others as well, I would like to say.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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