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July 30, 2009

Greg Norman


Q. (Question about how play went.)
GREG NORMAN: I'd have to say solid to say the least. I got off to obviously a hot start, four straight birdies in four of the first five holes, and i just wanted to keep it going.
Believe it or not, I feel like I didn't drive the ball as well as I'd like to have driven the ball. There were some tee markers up today that I didn't hit the tees off during the practice rounds and especially 18. It was kind of like didn't know where to hit it on 18.
But, you know, if I can put the combination all together I feel like I'm getting close -- even though I played very, very well today I feel like I'm getting close to getting it all together.

Q. Your putter, it was sure hot today?
GREG NORMAN: Even last Sunday I feel like I putted well. I didn't make any, but I felt like I was hitting the putt solid.
I changed to an old-style putter. I always rotate between that 88, 02, and that putter I used today; so maybe it's just a different look, different feel.
I read the greens nicely today. You can see the green a lot easier on this golf course than you did at Sunnydale. But you're right, 8 and 9, excuse me, 9 and 10 were crucial putts for me.

Q. What's the brand, the putter you are using now?
GREG NORMAN: That Taylor Made Rosa.

Q. You like that, obviously?
GREG NORMAN: Yeah, I like it. I like the feel of it.

Q. Does the length of this course make a difference?
GREG NORMAN: Well I think the golf course suits a guy that hits the ball long, there is no question. Jay Haas and I were talking about it a lot today.
A lot of holes at Bottleneck end, widen out once you get past the trouble. You are willing to just hit your driver and bomb it out there. You got to have short eyes into the green like I had on 16. Once you get it past all the trouble, there's nothing down there for you, so you can get in there with a pitching wedge 9-iron in your hand.

Q. What did you have left on 16?
GREG NORMAN: I had 127, something like that.

Q. (No microphone.)
GREG NORMAN: I took it over the corner, yeah.

Q. Playing three straight majors like you've done, how much of a taxing thing has that been on you if anything?
GREG NORMAN: Well, you feel it, I'm not going to tell a lie. I mean, the jet lag gets you. But normally it takes about three or four days to get over the jet lag. Today is the third day. We got in Sunday night, late, about, you know, midnight. So three days is normal. So, hopefully, from here on out, you start getting your equilibrium back into your body, away from jet lag. And you should start feeling a little bit more in balance with yourself.
But, golf wise, that doesn't bother me, playing three in a row. I really wish the they could get together and separate them for the good of all of us -- for the players and everybody. It's bit taxing, even on the media coming across the pond to get here. They are too good events, two really good events to really cram this way.
Next year we go from Scotland to Seattle, so that's even a bigger time change and trip, so we have to take that it consideration.

Q. It is what it is, I guess; that's the schedule that's laid out for you, got to do it; right?
GREG NORMAN: That's right. But, if they weren't the three tournaments they were, I wouldn't play three in a row. Flipping from one side of the Atlantic to the other, I wouldn't do it. You know, I didn't do it in my younger days; I wouldn't do it when I'm 55, 54. But, because they are the tournaments they are, and the stature they are, yes, you are going put your body through it.

Q. (Question about the wind).
GREG NORMAN: Absolutely. This morning it was perfect golfing condition. Great, light. You could get your depth perception really well. Even though you got your yardages, you could see exactly how far you needed to hit the shot so a perfect day for scoring.

Q. What's the crowd been like? Are you surprised about it?
GREG NORMAN: I made a comment Tuesday afternoon that the crowds for practice rounds here are as good as any regular PGA Tour event or any major championship we've played in. They've been phenomenal here. Look at it today, I mean, it's jam packed today.
I think that's a great decision for the USGA to come to Crooked Stick. Obviously, tells you the Midwest is starved for good golf. They support us well here, and, hopefully, they keep coming out over the next three days, and they're going see some good golf. There's going be some low scores going up around here.

Q. '91 was a long time ago?

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