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July 30, 2009

Joey Sindelar


THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sindelar to the interview room. He had a par, 66 today, no, no bogies, lots of birdies. Tell us what was going well for you today.
JOEY SINDELAR: Thank you. May I say congratulations to the USGA, Carmel and Indianapolis. From a player's perspective and playing in front of these crowds on a cool golf course, this is what we love to do, and when the turn out is great, it's awesome.
My day, I kept the ball in play most of the day, the game was good to me, sharp, online, which left me a lot of birdie putts in the 10-foot or less range, and I was able to get a bunch of those in and a couple of -- sloppy in the end, but this golf course toughens up at the end, so I'm happy with 66.
I would expect you'll see lots of low scores today. No wind is item number one, because with no wind we can hit the fairways that much easier. Also with no wind the iron play becomes better and the greens are soft so that makes it -- we can get our offense going when the greens are soft and they were rolling great.
So with that combination of things you're going to see lots of birdies today and I would expect some really good rounds. 7-under is a great score. I'm expecting everybody to do that, but I would expect a bunch of people under par. The conditions are perfect for scoring today.

Q. Did you play here in '91?
JOEY SINDELAR: I did. I wish I could say I remember a lot.

Q. So you can't compare the golf course to then --
JOEY SINDELAR: I'm sorry, I can't. You know, I remember, of course, who could forget, 18; that's a torture chamber, nobody forgets that, playing here even once. I remember a couple other things, but for the most part I was blank and I don't remember having extreme success here before so it may be good that I don't remember where I was.

Q. Does it say something about the golf course, maybe the way it's playing, that you see the names you see up on the leaderboard? Norman, Lehman, Roberts, Haas, some significant names?
JOEY SINDELAR: Great names, those are the guys that pretty much tattoo me every week, except for Norman, and he only does that when he comes out.
Of course, the cream will come to the top when these golf courses are this good and this tough. Especially over four rounds. This is a longer journey than we play most of the year, so I would expect the galleries will be happy with the names they would see at the end of the week. Not that there won't be surprises, I don't mean that, but for the most part I would expect the great drivers to do well here, because there are a couple of par-4s. If you take the driver out and hit the fairway, they become birdie holes versus someone who might hit it shorter, and the par-4s are accessible to the guys that hit it longer. When you can put the ball in the hole as fast as Loren Roberts does, anything is possible.

Q. Obviously being near the top of the board right now and contending with these other big names along with yourself, do you put more pressure on yourself? Obviously there is a long way to go, still.
JOEY SINDELAR: Of course this is just the first round. I'm trying to figure out where I stand on that, I read a quote from Langer who talked about you better enjoy it out here because, you know, you don't have forever of competitive golf left, something to that affect.
And I would like to try to enjoy it more. Of course if I were to shoot a good round tomorrow -- look, I'm going to be starting the day near the top, in the afternoon, two groups ahead of Norman, so there will be a lot of people out there and of course that's going to get my attention.
This is not 50 people on a nondescript golf course. This is as good as it gets for people who play golf. So certainly my attention will have been grabbed by the time I step on the tee, but I'm just, you know -- of course I would love to win, and I'm going to do my best, but I'm also going to have fun. This is good stuff. I haven't won yet so obviously I have things to do, hurdles to jump, and it would be a thrill to make it happen here this week, but one way or the other I'm happy to be playing good golf and have a shot at it and in here talking to you folks.

Q. Are you a scoreboard watcher?
JOEY SINDELAR: You know, I would -- I generally would like to be. At the end of my regular Tour career through my late 40s, I had some very poor starts, so the first couple of good events I found myself not wanting to look because it was a big journey just to do well, but I think in a perfect world I would like to know what's going on. Today I did and I enjoyed it, and it was fun.
Sometimes you're surprised, sometimes the course looks easy and the scores don't get there. Sometimes you think you're playing good and you're only a couple under, and guys are shooting 7- or 8-under and you can't do the math and figure it out. Today it matched up pretty good.
I would have expected -- I don't know how many better than 5-under, but I wouldn't expect that 5 or 6 would be winning. I would expect a couple better than that, so it was fun, and why not? You've got to have fun.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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