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July 30, 2009

Joey Sindelar


JOEY SINDELAR: You know, I'm sure you have heard the story several times. This is a very accessible golf course today. When there's no wind, you can get on the fairway. And the fairways here, with the greens being a bit soft, the guys are on offense. So I'm expecting you will see a lot of great scores today. The greens were very puttable, beautiful speed, and I just think it's -- with the wind down like this, we're on offense today. It's fun day.

Q. Did you reach all the par-5s?
JOEY SINDELAR: I spent time raking bunkers off the tees on a couple of them. But I think pretty much they were all reachable, yeah. The long hitters are going to love it out there today.

Q. A lot of talk before the tournament on Norman, Watson. Now a lot of talk about Joey Sindelar. Do you feel like you had this in you today? Did you feel good coming in?
JOEY SINDELAR: I feel good. I haven't actually -- funny you phrased it that way. I haven't felt -- well, I had some sort of a virus last couple of weeks and no strength. Yesterday it seemed to let up on me, and I was able to swing and get full power out, so today -- [lost audio] -- I was expecting to come off that fringe entirely different.
But it was a day that the greens were nice and smooth, and it was day where I felt like I could make those putts. I made a lot of birdie putts on that range today. Dinner always tastes better when you end on a make like that, so that was fun.

Q. (No microphone.)
JOEY SINDELAR: Real weak. Yeah, the last two tournaments it was like, if it was below a 5-iron I couldn't even swing at it. It was the weirdest thing. I didn't have a fever, didn't have any weird stuff. Just enormously weak and everything hurt. Luckily it's gone.

Q. You don't know what it was?
JOEY SINDELAR: Don't know what it was. Don't care as long as it stays away.

Q. You haven't had a lot of Senior Opens. Did you change the game plan any coming into this one?
JOEY SINDELAR: No, I think you are going to find similar answers. The guys are going to do what we do. We're too old to change stuff. Most of us, if you ask our wives, we're very stuck in your ways. It's not likely we'll change much starting here.

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