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July 30, 2009

Loren Roberts


THE MODERATOR: Did you feel good coming in today?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, I did. I felt really good today. I hit the ball real solid. I think I drove the ball pretty good today was the key. Obviously when you are talking about an Open, you are talking about rough, the key is driving.
I put the ball in play just about all day long, you know, just tried for a bogey and a 3-putt bogey, and that was it. Played solid all day.

Q. Did you expect to see the scores where they seem to be coming in?
LOREN ROBERTS: You know, I thought after the first two or three holes on the back nine today I thought there would be some lower scores. We virtually had no wind, you know, that rain yesterday put some moisture back on the golf course and I really did expect to see some lower scores today.
The greens are really rolling good. The first out I would think in the morning, you know, you are going to see some. It seems to me, it's about usually the way it starts. So pretty good low-round scores in about any Open really on the first day, on Thursday out of the morning group, then things seem to back up from there.

Q. You end up where you started today?

Q. What do you make of the length of this course? Does it bother you at all?
LOREN ROBERTS: No. In fact, gosh I could have reached -- I could have reached two of the par-5 today. And I think they're probably all reachable for a lot of the guys in the field. They had to tee up at number five, I think it is, probably Lehman knocked it up there just to the right of the green. So the fairways are running. The fairways are faster.
If you can get it going down the fairway the ball is running pretty good.

Q. Were you here in '91?
LOREN ROBERTS: I was. And I don't really remember the golf course a whole lot, to be honest with you, I really don't.

Q. How are you, jet lag and all that, feeling?
LOREN ROBERTS: I'm fine, you know, I mean, there has been a lot of talk about the back-to-back Majors, you know, that's a tough scenario, but it's a Major. You need to be able to get up for it. And, you know, I just think you should be able to get ready for it. I feel like I am, and we're ready to go.
I think some of the other guys that went over, too, played well today.

Q. How about hole locations, just generally?
LOREN ROBERTS: Um, I definitely think the hole locations will probably get tougher during the week. There were some very accessible pins today. I mean personally, my feeling is the first day for the USGA is usually a "feeling out" session, you know, they want to just see what happens to the scores and then they go from there. And I think that's why you generally see some lower scores out of the morning on the first day.

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