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July 26, 2009

Tom Watson


Q. 67?
TOM WATSON: I had seven birdie putts the last two days. I had two today and five yesterday. I got the putter sorted out so I'm very happy, and a lot better fan of mine today than I was yesterday. You always want to finish with a birdie on 18. You always want to finish the tournament on an up.

Q. You had a lovely low round going there.
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I did. There was a nice stretch.

Q. A big ask to come here this week?
TOM WATSON: The problem is my putter let me down. I made some mistakes early and I hit the ball not as well early on the day. That was the only bad stretch of golf I played in four days here. Everything else was putter-related. But I figured it out today. It's breaking my wrist off the ball was my malady, and today I tried to keep firm off the ball and the putter didn't go inside.

Q. What do you have to change to go to Crooked Stick?
TOM WATSON: I have to re-learn the golf course. I don't remember much about it. The main thing I'm concerned about is lack of preparation. I have two practise rounds and will still probably be pretty tired. Main thing is try to learn the golf course.
Probably play it pretty conservatively the first couple of rounds and watch how people play it and see if I can stay it in it there. I'm hitting the ball well enough that I think I'll be in there. But if the putting works out, then it would be good and I can play conservatively and maybe get to know the golf course by Friday.

Q. Is very unusual to schedule two majors like that back-to-back?
TOM WATSON: Well, they have done it here for the last several years, the USGA and the R&A and this tournament. I wish they could change it.

Q. Just give you a break.
TOM WATSON: It would be nice to have a break, because these are important tournaments, both of them. They are very important.

Q. There are not many of the guys here this week that played last week.
TOM WATSON: We have Mark, Greg Norman, Tom Lehman, Sandy Lyle.

Q. So that's three really tough weeks for you guys.
TOM WATSON: I did it right coming over. I got over early and got adjusted to the time. I played nine rounds in a row until Wednesday of this week.

Q. Do you feel you've generated an army of friends?
TOM WATSON: It's really heartwarming.

Q. How does this compare --
TOM WATSON: Well, on the one hand, nothing substitutes for winning, but on the other hand, last week, it was magical for a while. It was a special moment in my life that I'll cherish and take with me.
It means as much as some of the wins at this point in my career, it sure does. For me, even though you might say I'm long in the tooth, 59, I said last week, I said to myself that I can play that golf course. There's courses for horses and that course, the way I was playing last week --

Q. Do you feel the same way about St. Andrews?
TOM WATSON: Well, that would be pretty cool.

Q. What does it say about the game of golf, that you beat the young guys but the old guys are tough enough?
TOM WATSON: You can call it wisdom or treachery, one of the two, or a combination of both.

Q. Might anybody have kept the newspaper cuttings and things that have been written this past few weeks about this trip for you?
TOM WATSON: I know we have got the video of the telecast to Iraq, it's been arranged. We kept the one this morning from Neal ox man, that was a nice article.

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