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July 25, 2009

Bruce Vaughan


Q. Thoughts about your round?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I played good, last two holes, actually I hit it about two feet, three feet on 17 and missed that, and had a wedge to the green on 18 and made bogey there. So kind of disappointing last two holes.

Q. A nice 40-foot putt on the back nine and an eagle there, as well, so pretty solid?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Yeah, I can't really complain. Just hate finishing like that or something, you know, but I played good. I gave myself the chance and then kind of tossed it way there the last couple of holes. So I'm going to have to really play good tomorrow.

Q. But the way you played today, you're not about to give up your title without a fight.
BRUCE VAUGHAN: No, I'm still trying.

Q. Fred has just picked up a double-bogey so he is back to 10-under par and that has brought a lot of players back into contention. Just goes to show, stray a little on this golf course, it can be punishing.
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Doesn't take much. You can mis-hit one shot and get it up against the lips of the bunkers or the tall stuff, it's easy to do, and the pins are pretty tough.
Just hate finishing like I did.

Q. Larry Mize, 29 on the back nine, quite incredible on this course.
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Yeah, especially where some of the pins were at. They had some pretty tough pins out there.

Q. Key to a good score tomorrow?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Same thing I did today and don't finish that way.
You never know. You never know what the weather is going to be like and stuff, so at least I gave myself a chance. A little disappointing, but I'm still there.

Q. Is that kind of finish something that's going to way on your mind or are you just going to try to putt it out of your head?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Just going to start over again tomorrow.

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