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July 25, 2009

Sam Torrance


Q. Not a bad score considering. Tell us your feelings.
SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, I was behind the 8-ball after the second. A lovely four at the first and a really poor drive at the second. Wind is hard off the left and tried to just nestle up besides the tree and hit it straight over the top, straight in the trees, unplayable, played out, made seven.
Played pretty nice from there on. Didn't hole much today but I was definitely under pressure. I'm right there again. Birdie at the last was good.

Q. How do you refocus on next tee after a triple-bogey so early in your round?
SAM TORRANCE: Well, it's gone. Once it's gone, it's gone. There's no point in hanging about and thinking about it. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Q. So many putts out there that just were not to be; you came so close and played so well after that early hiccup, didn't happen, but then you got up the last and you hit it in there tight and you nailed that one, you knew how important that one was, didn't you?
SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, I got within three, I said to my mates last week if I can be within three going into the last round I have a chance. Tomorrow it's just go for everything and enjoy.

Q. So tomorrow you go for everything, you don't play conservative, get off to the all-important birdie spot, maybe the eagle?
SAM TORRANCE: The eagle, and then try and birdie every hole. There's 18, and I'll try and birdie every single one.

Q. What would it mean to you to win this great championship?
SAM TORRANCE: More than anything really.

Q. Your father has had a major champion in Padraig Harrington, three majors he's won; does that come into your mind-set?
SAM TORRANCE: No, but I always wondered. My dad has taught Padraig for 11 years, and three majors, and he pays him. He's taught me for 40 years and I don't pay him. I don't know if he's telling him stuff that he doesn't tell me. (Laughing.) No, he tells me everything. My dad has helped Padraig win three majors, and, no, it doesn't come into it at all.

Q. You just mentioned getting within three of the lead, but are you surprised the way the day panned out with Fred coming back?
SAM TORRANCE: You know, this is probably the easiest day we've had for playing-wise, and probably the worst day scoring by a lot of people. So just the course showing its teeth.

Q. Greg Norman is up at the top there.
SAM TORRANCE: Fantastic, yeah.

Q. You've had a lot of rounds against him over the years.
SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, 64 from Greg, 64 from Mize is fantastic scoring. But there's one more day, maybe I can get a 64 tomorrow.

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