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July 25, 2009

Loren Roberts


SARAH GWYNN: Loren, thanks very much for coming in. Another great round today, you're right in contention for tomorrow.
LOREN ROBERTS: Thank you. I hit the ball probably a little better today than I did yesterday, but I started out playing really good, was 3-under through the first six and I kind of stumbled around the turn a little bit.
I 3-putted 8 and 9, 8 for a bogey, 9 for a par, and I just could never seem to get the putter going after that.
But all in all, I'm right there. Obviously Greg played well. I knew somebody would step up and play good. He was the guy today.
SARAH GWYNN: Seeing Fred sort of fall back like that, does that give you hope and everyone else hope?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, Fred certainly made a race out of it today. You know, he let several of us back in the tournament. I would think with Greg at 10, and Fred and I at 9 and a couple of guys at 8, I would think there's probably five or six or seven guys that have a real shot to win. So it will be a shootout tomorrow.
SARAH GWYNN: Definitely makes it more exciting. Are you feeling confident for tomorrow.
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, I'm going to hit a few balls tonight. Hit a couple of wayward drives. Main thing was the putter today that cost me. So we'll see if we can get that rolling a little better tomorrow.

Q. Given Fred was so far ahead, was there a sense that you had to be more attacking today?
LOREN ROBERTS: I think so. Obviously that motivated Greg. Denis Watson played good. I had it going for the first seven holes and just really couldn't do much with the putter after that.
Yeah, I think it did, and then obviously the little trip-up at the turn, No. 12, was a big turnaround right there. And kind of let everybody back in.

Q. Given Greg's record going into the last round of majors, does that boost your confidence?
LOREN ROBERTS: Doesn't boost my confidence. Obviously this is The Senior Open Championship and Greg is re-focused a little bit more on playing the game, and I expect him to play well tomorrow, I really do.

Q. You've won this in the past. What does it mean to you to be The Senior Open Champion?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, I'd love to do it again. To me it was -- you know, I had a nice career on the PGA TOUR, won several times, but it was a culmination of a lot of work to be able to win.
I know it's The Senior Open Championship; and the fact that it was at Turnberry; and obviously looking at what happened last week there, and I shed a few tears watching last week, but it meant an awful lot to me to win that, it really did.

Q. How are you enjoying your trip to Sunningdale?
LOREN ROBERTS: Oh, this is a beautiful golf course. I don't know why we can't do bunkers like this in the States, because this is a beautiful golf course, it really is.

Q. What makes it so special? Just the way of playing the course?
LOREN ROBERTS: There's a lot of holes you have to think on. How many options do you have at 9; how many options do you have at 11; you can try to drive the green, hit it down there for a chip, lay it up. There's so many options to play, and you have to be smart about where you put the ball on the greens.
The bunkering is just gorgeous. A lot of the bunkers, it really intimidates you visually more so than they do playing-wise, but that's what they are there for, and they are beautiful.

Q. So how do you have approach to tomorrow, given that you are just off the lead; do you go after it?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, you're going to have to. There's a lot of guys in the mix now. I think the weather is supposed to be good. I think it will take a low score. I know there were some 64s out there today. I would think that probably one of the top five or six guys that are up there, somebody I think will post a low score.
So I think you're going to have to come out firing a little bit, because I think the weather will be really good, and you'll have to make some birdies.
SARAH GWYNN: Thanks Loren, good luck tomorrow.

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