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July 25, 2009

Ben Crenshaw


BEN CRENSHAW: It was a nice round, holed some nice putts and got it in there a few more times.
The first day, I did not putt well, and I don't know, I was either misreading them or mis-hiting them, but I don't know, I gained a little bit more of a feel and got some putts down.

Q. Is it just a matter of knowing the golf course a little bit more?
BEN CRENSHAW: It's helping, learn a little bit more about it all the time.

Q. Where to be on the greens, that kind of thing?
BEN CRENSHAW: Yeah, amazing that I haven't played this course before. Of course I've been close by, the Match Play, but I just kind of came out and looked around.
It's a course that takes a lot of knowing I think. I mean, you can play it considerably more and learn more about it all the time.

Q. What were the big putts you holed today?
BEN CRENSHAW: I made a great save on the 16th hole. I drove it in the bunker, wedged it out, hit a 6-iron just below the front collar and holed it from off the green for a four. That was about 30 feet. That was just a crazy putt.
But I made a lot of nice putts out of the mid-range, 10, 12, something like that. I made a lot of nice putts and hit a lot of good putts, too. The greens are gorgeous, just beautiful, but they are very, very subtle, really subtle around the cups. And there were some good pins today I thought.
But I think you'll see some low scores, but you may see a few bobbles around some of the pins. But, yeah, it was nice. It was fun.

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