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July 24, 2009

Sam Torrance


Q. A delay for you, it was worth the wait.
SAM TORRANCE: We got a good break, just as it was coming in, they blew the horn on the first tee. I was standing on the first tee. It was a bit windy but a lot better than what it could have been, yes.

Q. Wayne let the cat out of the bag when you just started because he said that you were aiming at 7-under; it was even better.
SAM TORRANCE: Well done, Wayne. I actually probably played better yesterday. I didn't leave any out there today. I holed a lot of putts. I played solidly. It's the British Open, you're going to get tight and it's nice to finish well.

Q. Your putting was amazing. You had some yardage, was that because of local knowledge, or was it just one of these days?
SAM TORRANCE: Skill. Well, I know the greens. I know the greens better than anyone, so I know where to hit it. And today I hit it where I aimed, so it was good. I had good speed on the putter today.

Q. Great up-and-down at the last, and the fact that you used the putter from the back of the green, is that because you know the course so well, or could you have done that on any course?
SAM TORRANCE: Given the situation, you had to putt it. There wasn't much rough to get it through. The chip, if I played the 8th, I normally play that with an 8-iron but play with that, I might shoot forward and go ten feet past it and come up a bit short with the putt; I knew I could get it rolling through the rough.

Q. Fist pump at the end, it meant a lot to you, didn't it?
SAM TORRANCE: Absolutely. All of these, Queeny and over there drunk and shouting out; absolutely, it was great.

Q. The weekend now, how do things change now with the different schedule, you have a late time and all this for the weekend?
SAM TORRANCE: Well, I put myself in position to do what I wanted to do this week, so that's what I wanted to do. I'm last out tomorrow, which is going to be fantastic and hopefully I'll be last out on Sunday, too.

Q. The 65, you have managed to keep yourself nicely in touch going into the weekend?
SAM TORRANCE: It was a daunting task, being eight behind before I even started, but I knew I could play well around here and I just kept playing.

Q. The weather in a way helped you out because it meant you went through your 18 holes uninterrupted?
SAM TORRANCE: Correct, it was lovely, lovely.

Q. One or two have said greens have been some of the problem, but with local knowledge you do know the greens like the back of your hand.
SAM TORRANCE: I do, I do know the greens like the back of my hand, and today, I hit it where I aimed it which is a bonus, but I do know them.

Q. Tomorrow going out last, an advantage there, as well?
SAM TORRANCE: Well, yes, I have the advantage of knowing the course. I shall use it.

Q. Could you just talk about the big putts you made today?
SAM TORRANCE: I holed some good putts. I missed from eight feet for eagle on the first. 10, I holed about a 30-footer. 11, holed about a 15-footer. 13, I holed about a 12-footer, and 17 I holed a 5-footer.

Q. Something go wrong with that second shot at the green?
SAM TORRANCE: Well, I was coming out of the jungle. It was a very good shot just ran on a wee bit.

Q. Great par save 7 and 8, given how far ahead Fred was, how difficult would it have been to come back from dropping a shot?
SAM TORRANCE: Don't know. I would have been five behind if I had bogeyed them both, so you can't look at it that way.

Q. You're obviously aware of what Fred had done this morning.
SAM TORRANCE: I watched him hole a second shot on the last.

Q. You just knew what you had to do to go out there?
SAM TORRANCE: Well, there's still two more days to go no matter what he did today, so I decided to try and break 70 and get myself within a chance of catching him.

Q. Thoughts on Seve planning for a return next year at The Open?
SAM TORRANCE: A dear friend, knew him all of my golfing life, and my thoughts go to his daughter. He's a wonderful man, a gent of the game and gave a lot of inspiration to a lot of Scottish golfers.

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