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July 23, 2009

Sam Torrance


Q. You're obviously on the leaderboard; is there frustration, did some get away from you today?
SAM TORRANCE: I played beautiful today, actually just one of those things. But I'm very pleased to get a good first round in. I've been thinking about this event for two years, one of the biggest events I've ever been in being here. I was delighted with the way I played.

Q. You're seen as a local man and you've been here your whole lifetime and you've played every day; the pressure on you to do well here is enormous.
SAM TORRANCE: Not really. I have to use the good in that, the positive; that I know the course better than anybody. I don't have to give anybody any shots.
But yeah, there's a little pressure there but I don't mind that at all. It's lovely to have my friends out there. My family are walking around today and it was great.

Q. First time coming from a links course to an inland course; what do you feel about the whole event being here at Sunningdale?
SAM TORRANCE: I think this is the finest course you can put us on. It is the perfect golf course for seniors. It's not outdated, still plays well, still plays quite long from the back tees and it's a great venue.

Q. Having played so well today and maybe just a couple that did get away, how mentally do you get over that?
SAM TORRANCE: Get in, have a drink, relax, go back to my house, see my dog, my family and just chill out, do nothing. There's nothing to do. I don't need to work on my game. My game is good. Just have to wait until 1.40 tomorrow.
I left a few out there. I have to be honest I played really, really well but the birdies are hard. I birdied the second from four feet. The 9th, I 2-putted, 12 I hit it to four feet, 13 I hit it to ten feet. 14, I 3-putted and had a good chance on 17 from eight feet and just horseshoed but that's okay, I'm right there.

Q. Quite a few squally showers during the round; did that change condition dramatically?
SAM TORRANCE: No, not at all. Not at all. The course played beautifully.

Q. And of course it's a course you know exceptionally well here, does that put a little bit of extra pressure on this week?
SAM TORRANCE: Not really. I have to take the positives out of that, and I know it better than anyone.

Q. As far as living nearby and all that sort of thing, does that make it more relaxed for you, the fact that you're in your own home surroundings, as well?
SAM TORRANCE: I was thinking yesterday, first round at the British Open tomorrow. Sitting at home, it's alleviating a lot of pressure that way.

Q. Been looking forward to it for a long time?
SAM TORRANCE: As soon as I've known it was here, I've given up drinking for two years. I haven't had a drink for two years. I'm drinking again now which is lovely, but all specifically for this. As soon as I knew it was here, I wanted to be here and ready.

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