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July 23, 2009

Kevin Na


Q. Can you just give us some general thoughts on your round? Obviously you've gotta be pretty happy with the way you played.
KEVIN NA: Yeah. I played really well. I shot 9-under, but it all started on my first hole when I started after the delay on 11, which was my second hole. Pulled my tee shot into the tree and I didn't have a good lie in the rough, and I had to go over the creek.
And I told my caddie, I said, "I think I can get over the tree." He goes, "there's no way you can get over the tree." We sat and argued there for a couple minutes. I said, "I can do it." He said, "no, you can't." He rarely says you can't do something, so he made me pitch out, and I ended up making a 15-footer for par that kind of kept the round going. And after that I started to back down and started catching fire.

Q. (Indiscernible).
KEVIN NA: Well, the greens are holding, so you can get aggressive with the iron. But off the tee you must put yourself in the fairway. These roughs are very thick now as wet as they are. I had one ball in the rough, I had an 8-iron in, I mean I advanced maybe 90 yards. So if you can keep it in in the fairway, your scores will be low.

Q. What time did you get up this morning?
KEVIN NA: I got up at 5, I think. 5, 5:30.

Q. What did you do during the delay?
KEVIN NA: Well, I had my manager go to the hotel and grab my computer. So he grabbed my computer, and for a couple hours I watched TV shows that I downloaded, and just ate a couple times, and went to the car and took a nap.
I swear, I mean I got to the 11th hole where I was starting and I looked at the guy and I said, man, it feels like Friday. So it was a long day.

Q. Are you pleased that you were able to get this round finished today?
KEVIN NA: Oh, yeah. That's all I was hoping for actually. I would have taken par the last hole if we weren't able to finish.
Yeah, I was just trying to get off the tee real quick and hit. Ended up being we had 10, 15 minutes to spare, but you never know when they're going to call it.

Q. Do you remember last time you had an experience like that?
KEVIN NA: Yeah. I think I birdied -- you know, I think Sony this year on Sunday, birdied last three coming in, Sunday, the last three. It was pretty good. Yeah. Once in a while we get it.

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