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July 21, 2009

Sam Torrance


Q. What does this week mean to you at Sunningdale, Senior Open Championship?
SAM TORRANCE: Well, it's the biggest event we play in, the British Open. It's the one we most want to win.

Q. And in terms of the course, the setup, how do you feel it's prepared for this week? What are the challenges?
SAM TORRANCE: The course is in fantastic condition. There's challenges on every hole. You've got to hit it really straight and you've got to hit the greens. Could be low scoring. Depends on the weather.

Q. And the field this week?
SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, probably the best field we've had for the British Open, fantastic. Especially Tom Watson here after last week that, was extraordinary.

Q. Talking to Tom Watson what was your assessment looking back on it and what he achieved?
SAM TORRANCE: To me it's right up there with the greatest sporting achievement of all time. It's unfortunate he didn't win it, then it would have been the greatest sporting achievement of all time to get into that position and tie for the Open at 59, it's extraordinary.

Q. What does it say about golf that a 59-year-old can challenge for a major because there's no other sport really where that could have happened?
SAM TORRANCE: I can't think of one. I really can't think of one. That's the great thing about the game of golf.

Q. I guess it goes to show the competitiveness that lies within guys, The Seniors Tour from young ages all the way to 59. Even Gary Player, 73. Is that what you have to have to continue to drive you?
SAM TORRANCE: No, skill. That's what you have. That's what Tom Watson has done, he has mastered the game and just keeps going. And even Bob Charles, 71, he breaks his age regularly on Tour.

Q. In terms of your own game, where do you feel you are right now?
SAM TORRANCE: I'm feeling fantastic. It's 20 years since I played here, but I don't have him giving me any shots, I'm looking forward to the week.

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