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July 19, 2009

Mathew Goggin


MATHEW GOGGIN: I don't know, I was kind of disappointed sitting up there. I was sort of -- just sort of reflecting on the holes before and reflecting on the mistakes I'd made, and just sort of thinking about if I'd do anything differently, really, which is not the right thing to be doing when you've still got a hole to play.
But, yeah, I mean, he seemed pretty calm all day. It's hard to tell whether he was apprehensive or not. He hit two great shots and was really unlucky to make a bogey. It just went over the back; it was pretty squirrely where he was. I mean, if he's an inch closer it's probably an easy two-putt, and those shots are pretty 50/50. We'll see what happens in the playoff. It was a great day and a very disappointing day.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MATHEW GOGGIN: I don't know, I could have hit 3-iron instead of 4, I was sort of in between clubs. We thought a strong 4 would be fine, and the wind just annihilated it. I hit a really good shot, and once it started going up, I figured an okay bunker shot and a good putt. After that I hit a good shot into the next. It's hard to think I'd do anything differently there. So that sort of got me going on the wrong side of things and just wasn't able to recover.

Q. You started out with a couple bogeys and bounced back nicely, settled down.
MATHEW GOGGIN: I hit the ball really well for that 11 holes, 12 holes, played really well. I drove the ball well. It was really 16, 17 the only holes I played really poorly. And, yeah, but that was probably a little bit -- 17 was me feeling a little bit let down maybe after the tee shot. But I don't know what to say, really. It was a disappointment.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MATHEW GOGGIN: I don't know, I'll have to think about it in a couple of days. Right now, I don't think much. Obviously you know you can do this. I mean, I know I can do this, it's just giving yourself another opportunity.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MATHEW GOGGIN: Yeah, I mean, I did do a bit of both. I mean it's the best I've played in a major, obviously, but at the end of the day they're probably -- because so many guys get so pepped up and fired up about them, they're probably the easiest tournaments -- they're the most difficult but probably the easiest tournaments to win, just because guys are freaking out most of the time during the week. You sort of look at these tournaments as a great opportunity.
I haven't particularly played well, but I felt I learned a lot at Augusta about how to play these tournaments, and this has been my first one back. The lesson at Augusta was pretty good but now it's just a question of giving myself another couple of opportunities and converting them.

Q. Overall can you talk about playing with Tom Watson?
MATHEW GOGGIN: We had a great day. I felt pretty relaxed. He was pretty relaxed. He played really well. He got a little squirrely in the middle with a couple of ordinary tee shots, but I'd say 80 percent of his shots were just great. He played well and really deserved to win the tournament, and he may still do. But 18, hit two good shots into 18 and made a bogey. It was a great day, yeah.

Q. Can you imagine being 59 and --
MATHEW GOGGIN: Not really, no. I said to Brian, I think it was the 13th hole and -- the day before I hit a 4-iron in about just against, today a hit a 5-iron and it went past it nearly in the bunker, I said well, at least I don't have to play this hole for 15 more years. If I win it today I'll come back defending in 15 years' time, and I'd still be nine years younger than him.
So, no, it's incredible. You can tell by his ball flight, he doesn't carry the ball very far, but he has a great tumbling ball flight. He's striking the ball so well, just so straight. He can contend on these golf courses forever the way he strikes the ball. In America it's a bit lusher and the courses are a bit longer and you've got to carry the ball, and he probably doesn't have much of a chance. But here, every year this would be perfect for him.

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