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July 19, 2009

Luke Donald


LUKE DONALD: I wanted just to get to red numbers, but I was very happy how I played. I really controlled the ball very well, kept it out of trouble and plucked off some birdies here and there where I could.

Q. Talk about your satisfaction about how you played this week.
LUKE DONALD: Satisfaction, the only thing I could be frustrated about was playing the day one, in perfect conditions, to shoot 1-over, somewhere in 60th or 70th place after that, and it was always going to be uphill struggle from that.
But, no, I played solidly the last three days and obviously put myself in a great place in to give myself a very slim outside chance.

Q. How does your game feel?
LUKE DONALD: Game feels good. I came over here last Thursday and start preparing, playing some links golf. And that was my goal, to get a little bit better attuned to the links style golf because my record hasn't been very good and I wanted to change that.

Q. (Inaudible.)
LUKE DONALD: Two very different players, obviously. I love the fact that Tom Watson is having a chance to win and competing. They don't announce the champion golfer of the year for a reason, because this really does test all facets of your game.
I think the game of golf has become a little bit more advantageous to the guys who bomb the ball and hit it far, and this week very much levels that out. I think it's more about strategy, more about controlling your ball, shaping the ball into the wind left-to-right, right-to-left, and Tom Watson can obviously do that. He's not going to drive it past Bubba Watson every day, but he can control his ball, and that's why he's done well this week.

Q. Have you played with him in competition?
LUKE DONALD: Played with him in the 2005 Open with Jack Nicklaus, and he was pretty good then, too.

Q. What do you know about Lee Westwood's game? He's contending in the final round.
LUKE DONALD: He's been playing well the last few years. He's had his chances to win, and obviously has a great one here. I wish him all the best.

Q. This is your best finish at an Open Championship.
LUKE DONALD: By far, yeah. I mean, 30-something I finished at Hoylake, and my record was pretty miserable up 'til now. So it's nice to come over and figure it out.

Q. Did you feel good out there today?
LUKE DONALD: I think so. I'm lying, what, 6th or 7th in the Open, so I felt fine out there today.

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