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July 17, 2009

Kevin Na


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Kevin Na thanks for joining us, currently low round of the day with a 5-under 65, 6-under for the tournament. Excellent position heading into the weekend. Maybe a few opening comments about this week and about your season, you are amongst the top players in Top-10s and I think you're 20th in the FedExCup standings. So very solid season for you.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I got off to a good start this year, and I've been putting well this year. Putter went kind of cold about a month ago, but it's starting to come back a little bit. I think that's what the game is all about. If you can't putt, it's really tough.
Pleased the way I'm hitting the ball, also. Coming into this week someone gave me the heads up that I was the low-ranked player this week. I figured, well, only means one thing: Need a win. And that's what I need on my resumé is a w out here. A win is a win, even though it's an opposite-field event, I can really use it.
Putted really well. It was nice playing with Greg, both playing well, watching putts go in the hole it was a good visual for us and I was pretty pleased, besides the 3-putt on 15. I 3-putted that hole two days in a row. Tomorrow I'm going to lag it.

Q. Knowing that you are one of the top-ranked players here --
KEVIN NA: Wasn't that you that told me?

Q. Yeah, I did at the range that day, yeah. Do you think you should be where you are now, at or near the top of the leaderboard?
KEVIN NA: Yes, if I'm playing the way I have been playing, I should be in contention for the win. A win, you know, you need a couple of things to happen. You play well, you get a little lucky, other people need to help you by playing -- making some mistakes.
But I should definitely be in contention. That's the way I look at it. And like what the veterans have told me and the guys that have won many times out here have said, Kevin, put yourself in contention as much as you can and you'll get your share of wins.
I sure haven't, but I'm sure it's coming soon.

Q. You may have answered when Bill talked to you on the range earlier this week, but the thought process on coming here and why you chose to come?
KEVIN NA: The biggest reason I came here is I love the golf course. It's a great golf course. I think we need more courses like this on TOUR.
And the second reason I came here is I have a lot of friends here. I've got a friend that lives a mile and a half off the golf course. I go to their house for dinner every day. They cook me dinner. So, it's great. I really enjoy it. I even brought my parents here because they asked if my parent were coming. I called and gave them a heads-up the week before, I'm not in The Open Championship and I'll be there. So that was the second reason.
The third reason is, I felt like it was a good chance for me to win.

Q. Do you just want to expand on the friends situation?
KEVIN NA: I met them my first year here, 2004. I met them through K.J. Choi. It was K.J.'s friends and K.J. said, hey, you want to come over to dinner, these are some great people and they want to invite you.
So I said, all right, I went over, and all of the Korean guys were invited and we all go. James Oh was there. Last year it was Charlie Wi, Y.E. Yang, and when K.J. used to play here; we all play there.

Q. What's the family name?
KEVIN NA: I think it's the Lees.

Q. Your parents' names?
KEVIN NA: Mama Na and Papa Na. That's what we call them. That's what Daniel Chopra calls them, at least, and Arjun.

Q. Just overall summing up the key to your round today and your play, and maybe what was different about today than yesterday for you?
KEVIN NA: I finished better. Yesterday I got off to a good start. I was putting well, hitting it well, and then, I don't know, back nine, I think I lost a little bit of steam and feeling a little sluggish. I wasn't tired or anything.
But I was just -- I think it was probably the wind more than anything kind of affecting my game. I started hitting a few poor putts out there. I hate to admit it but I hit a few poor putts. And this morning before I teed it up, I kind of worked on it a little bit and felt great today.

Q. Did you pack for the British Open weather?
KEVIN NA: No. I think I've got one or two sweaters that I pulled out this morning. I don't know, I think it's a chance of shower on the weekend. I was telling Dean Wilson I was playing with yesterday, I said: "Man, the Open looks nice. We've got the Open weather, we got the opposite, what's going on here." It looks like the Open it kind of bad right now.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Kevin Na, thank you.

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