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July 16, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. How was it out there, Tiger?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I certainly made a few mistakes out there today. Realistically I probably should have shot about 1- or 2-under par today. But I made a few mistakes, and consequently I'm at 1-over.

Q. What was going on?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I hit a couple of shots to the right today, and three-ripped a hole from about 15 feet, and I didn't take advantage of 17. So there you have it.

Q. As someone who knows how the weather can be here, talk about the scoring today.
TIGER WOODS: Well, you've just got to be patient out there. This golf course, certainly you could shoot a good round today. You saw a lot of guys at basically 3-, 4-, 5-under par. And that's what you could do out there today. The wind is down. Most of the pins are accessible. Not all of them but most of them. If you get it in there, you can make some putts out there today, because obviously the wind is not really blowing yet.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: I made a few mistakes, as I said. Hopefully tomorrow I can play a little better, clean it up and hit it -- put myself headed in the right direction.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: I'll go on the range right now and work on it for a little bit. And hopefully I can hit it a little bit better this afternoon and get ready tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: 16, I hit a 5-iron, I was trying to play about 20 feet left of the hole and the ball landed about 15 feet right of the hole. Not a very good shot.

Q. Talk about Ryo's game.
TIGER WOODS: Pretty impressive, isn't it? Obviously he knows how to play the golf course. And you look at a lot of the guys out there who are playing well, mostly some of the older guys. They understand how to play this kind of golf. Mark is up there -- both Marks, Calc and O'Meara, and obviously Tom, so three Open Championship winners. They obviously understand how to play this kind of golf.

Q. Anything special about Ryo?
TIGER WOODS: Well, he hits the ball awfully high. Yeah, obviously he's young, he's only 17. He's got just the world ahead of him, and just keep working hard and you can obviously see he's got the talent.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: No, unfortunately on the range my misses were right. And I tried not to miss it right on 3. I didn't do that, and consequently I hit it left. The misses I had were the same shots I was hitting on the range. So I need to go work on that and get it squared away for tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS: Well, the irons I was hitting out there today was because the wind was down. Most of the holes I normally would be hitting 3-wood. No wind, the 2-iron goes the to the same spot. We were just playing to the same areas, whether it's 2-iron, 3-wood, whatever it may be, we're playing to certain spots, how we think the golf course should be attacked and played.

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