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July 12, 2009

Brett Quigley


DOUG MILNE: Brett, thanks for joining us for a few minutes here after the conclusion of the '09 John Deere Classic today. Good round today: 4-under par, 67, tied for second. Petrovic didn't have the ideal finish, but you kind of knew the situation. Just talk a little bit first about your round, your game, and how you're feeling as you're moving forward.
BRETT QUIGLEY: I mean, I knew - it's funny, I made about a 6-footer to make the cut on the number yesterday. I thought that anybody that made the cut had a chance to win.
And certainly with the round I shot in the morning, 9-under, was pretty good and got right back in it, and then started nice this afternoon. Yeah, I mean, just pleased to shoot 13-under today in 36 holes is pretty strong.
I felt like I've been playing well and it's kind of been coming. Just made some putts today, and it certainly showed.
DOUG MILNE: I know obviously the questions is gonna come up. You were extended the invitation to the British Open. Sounded like there were some pretty big decisions to make and a lot of hurdles to have to jump through. Talk about the decision and how you're feeling.
BRETT QUIGLEY: It's funny, all the golf that I played today, you know, every shot I hit I had control over. Watching Petrovic playing 18 - I didn't see the drive; just saw the second shot. He hit it in the water and I just hung my head.
Starting the week I came here and didn't have my passport, and i still don't have my passport so I can't get on the charter. So my decision or dilemma was to number one, find it; and number two, am I gonna go? I have found it, and I'm not gonna go.
My family is gonna come with me next week to Milwaukee. I have a Pro-Am that I have an obligation to tomorrow, and I'm also going to Beth Smith's service on Tuesday.
None of those are - I don't know if I would say legitimate excuses - but those are my reasons. My heart is not into playing the British.
DOUG MILNE: Questions.

Q. Couple weeks ago you were the guy that was the biggest money maker in history who hasn't actually won a tournament. If you haven't won, is that a pretty good distinction to have?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I'm not sure I understand the question. Is it bad to be playing as long as I have and not win? I mean, I'm trying to win.

Q. I know. But still to be by every other criteria to be successful...
BRETT QUIGLEY: For me to keep my card and be out here for 11 years without a win, I'm pretty proud of that. I've played pretty good without winning. I've been close a few times, and now my third second this year.
I want to win. That's the bottom line. Yeah, it's something that that's driving me and that's I want to do. I try and do it every week.

Q. Does it weigh on you at all or affect your game in any way?
BRETT QUIGLEY: No. I mean, certainly I was thinking about it today. I was watching the board and I knew it was close, so that's something that is in the back of my mind. I played good and I had a chance. That's what I keep trying to do.

Q. The fact that you found your passport, does that mean you entertained the possibility of going?
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yes is the short answer. It's in Florida. Yes, like I said, the British was never even on the radar certainly this week, and certainly before 1:00 today.
So it's a tough decision to make, and I know I'll catch some heat for it. But I know it's the right decision for me. I know I would get over there and be rushed and just not be excited to play.
I know that sounds crazy for a major, the British Open Turnberry. There's a million reasons to go. I just feel like it's gonna be better for me to go to Milwaukee and go with my family.
It just sounds crazy just talking about it. I hear myself talking about it, and I know if I heard another player say it I would be like, How can you not go to the British? It's just not for me.

Q. Did you record at the British play into it, too?
BRETT QUIGLEY: No, not at all. I actually love the golf. I think it's great golf over there. I played in two British, and it's probably the greatest tournament in the world. But, no, none of my past has anything to do with that.

Q. What was clicking for you today?
BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, putter today. Felt like I putted well the first two days and didn't make much, and then all of a sudden made a few on the front. 3-putted -- I had a 5-under after 8, I think.
Shot 9-under and was watching the board and was right there tied for the lead. I got off to a great start in the afternoon, too. I think I had 4-under after 5.
Then just kind of leveled off there and made a couple bogeys, but then had some good chances on the back. It was kind of weird playing the back while all the leaders were on the front. We probably had 20 people watching our group. It was pretty interesting. It was just kind of a weird feeling.

Q. Did the 36 holes experience affect you at all or affect the way you approach the day?
BRETT QUIGLEY: Probably. I think I'm more patient in 36 holes. I know I've got a lot of golf to get the job done. I think in the past I probably would have had a little more urgency.
It was just a different atmosphere. Everybody plays close. We had the early tee times, so everybody was off together and then we just keep going. It's just a different atmosphere.

Q. You said the British Open wasn't on the radar for you. What kept it off the radar?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I didn't know the top 5 -- I knew the guy that won got in. I didn't know until after my morning round that the top 5 guy got to go. So it wasn't even a consideration.
You know, like I said, I haven't played here in the past maybe six years and decided to come here and play Milwaukee. And just that was the plan.

Q. If you would have won it, would that have changed the decision?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I don't think so. Like I said, if I had my passport I would have gone. I would've gone in a heartbeat. For me to get over there Tuesday afternoon, maybe Tuesday morning and just not be mentally ready and prepared.

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