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July 12, 2009

Tim Petrovic


Q. Sum up the 36 holes.
TIM PETROVIC: I'm tired. It was a long day. You know, I had my chances coming in there. I had a couple birdie pops on I think 14 and 16. Just didn't make the putts. That would've been a different ballgame. Would have tied it up and then we would have been even with two holes to go instead of me chasing him.
But just didn't hit a very good tee shot on 17. That's a tough pin to get to from the fairway. The greens are pretty soft. I saw where he hit his second shot on 18, and we decided to just go at it and try to make a birdie.
Four wasn't really a thought there. We were just trying to make birdie, because I knew he would've had a tough up-and-down from over there. I thought I'd put some pressure on him if I put it in there.
But, the legs are a little tired and just pulled it in the water. That's the way it goes.

Q. I understand you were going to decline the British...
TIM PETROVIC: No, no. I wasn't locked it. They asked me about it yesterday. I was like, Well, I was there last year. The family is up and we hadn't planned on going. It would have been kind of a mad scramble to try and go. We would have definitely had to make some special arrangements.
Just you know, try and win the golf tournament and just didn't pull off the shots.

Q. Giving the length of the day, did it help that you and Stricker were able to push each other back and forth to kind of keep the energy level high?
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, it was kind of a birdiefest out there. I started out slow, and then i was probably four or five back and I strung about five birdies together, I think six birdies together before I got 18 and made the bad swing in the water.
I'm happy I battled back. I had my back against the wall basically all day. When I was down four or five shots, seemed like, you know, I wasn't gonna be able to catch him. I would make a long putt, and that's what kind of got my going on Thursday.

Q. I couldn't really hear the response to the British Open question. Was your mind made up?
TIM PETROVIC: No, no. We had talked about it. It wasn't made up that I was definitely going. I was kind of on the fence on it. You know, the family is up and we would have had to scramble around a little bit. Probably we would have had to talk about it.
But, no, I was not declining. I don't know how that came out.

Q. What do you take from this one to your next event, wherever that is?
TIM PETROVIC: Well, I guess we're gonna go to Milwaukee and rest for a couple days. We're gonna drive the rig up there and just have a little R&R. It was a long day today.

Q. Does this finish sour anything at all?
TIM PETROVIC: No. You know, I hung in there all day. We decided on the last hole we were just gonna aim at it. I took a 4-iron and could have taken a 5-iron, but I wanted to make sure I got all the way back there.
Probably pulled about two shots all week. Sometimes when the legs get tired you just can't drive through the ball. I just pulled it a little bit.

Q. Did the second 18 play a little more rough than the first at all?
TIM PETROVIC: No, no. The conditions are fine. The course is in great shape. We didn't have much wind. Just hit the greens and it was kind of a putting contest.

Q. What is next for you?
TIM PETROVIC: Milwaukee next week.

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