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July 12, 2009

Rod Pampling


Q. I know a bit of a grind out there on the Sunday of the Scottish Open, and I know that you are hoping to get into The Open; well, we are hearing from the European Tour that you are in now because nobody has assumed one of those Top-5 spots where there was a spot available, so well done on that.
ROD PAMPLING: Thank you. I was trying to. I came over here trying to play my way in, and it didn't work out, but I was looking at the leaderboard today, and normally they have the little Claret Jug that tells you who is in and who is not, I kind of picked everyone that was in, but Jacquelin I wasn't too sure on, but then I found out he was in.
Yeah, it's great to be in The Open, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Q. Were you doing a lot of computations out there? Was it distracting you perhaps?
ROD PAMPLING: Not distracting, because there were eight or nine guys on the leaderboard and I knew all those guys were in. It was nice, unfortunate for the other guys who were trying to get in, but for me it was nice to see exempt players up there.

Q. You seed off knowing you were first reserved, because you started off second reserve?
ROD PAMPLING: I knew I was first. David from entries called me this morning and let me know I was No. 1. I knew there was one spot, so obviously, yeah, looking at the leaderboard literally to see if it went my way and it did.

Q. How many British Opens have you played in?
ROD PAMPLING: I guess this might be six in a row now I think.

Q. Good and bad obviously, your recollections after Carnoustie when you led after the first round?
ROD PAMPLING: Thankfully we have been back there and I rectified that, and I guess the golf course is slightly a little bit more friendly in time. So we all know it was one of those golf courses. Supposedly this week the rough is up again from what I've heard, so we'll get there and see what we find. Never been to Turnberry.

Q. What have you heard about it so far?
ROD PAMPLING: The rough's up. I guess tomorrow we'll just go there and really try and work out positional play around there, just keep out of the bunkers and keep out of the rough.

Q. Did you look at the alternate list before you came over here?
ROD PAMPLING: I didn't even know I was alternate. I had no clue. I got told Thursday afternoon I was third alternate and I asked the question, how did I become third alternate, because I had no clue.
But yeah, thankfully I guess they go off the World Ranking now and I guess there's a lot of guys in my situation. Thankfully I had entered for the tournament, but I guess a lot of guys had not entered, so thankfully they didn't, so I'm in.

Q. Did you play the international qualifier?
ROD PAMPLING: In the States? Yes. You have to do that. I was very keen to try and play again obviously. Thankfully the guys maybe didn't know the rules and they didn't enter, so good for me.
It wasn't too close, but there was a chance. I wasn't sitting there waiting.

Q. It was a Scottish-named course, wasn't it?
ROD PAMPLING: Gleneagles. Yeah, it was definitely a good course for it, but I think 10-under was the number. I shot 8, so it was decent, but yeah, unfortunately the golf course was a little bit easier than the others, which you had to shoot super, super low.

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