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July 11, 2009

Lee Janzen


Q. Lee, 1-under today, 8-under for the tournament. Talk about your play today.
LEE JANZEN: I played pretty well. Everybody wonders why a guy can't follow up a 64 with another one, but it's hard to shoot 64. That's the first reason. Sometimes it's just a matter of putting, but I putted -- I hit the ball well today and missed a couple fairways I didn't miss the first round. Maybe missed two or three shots the first round, and about the same the second round. Just cost me a couple shots here and there.
Lipped out a few times. That's really it. You know, not much I could change other than just have the ball fall in a couple times more than it did and I would have another good score.

Q. You talked about confidence level. Where is your confidence level right new?
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, that's a big difference. I could have a great practice session before teeing off in the tournament round and still feel terrible about my chances of hitting the fairway before. Now I feel pretty good about it. It's even better when you think, Hit the left side of the fairway and the left side of the fairway and then you do it.
So there's still a little bit of wonder in there. But, you know, I think most golfers just hope to latch on to something key that's repetitive. If it's working, they run with it. Right new it's pretty simple: Swing fast and it seems to be working.

Q. How did the course play today with all the rain we had yesterday?
LEE JANZEN: I think it's held up very well. Tons of rain Wednesday and then Friday too. I think it's in great shape. I expect we're gonna be playing it down tomorrow, which will be great. Means the grounds crew here did a great job getting the course ready for us. It drains pretty well, too.
It's still soft and not a lot of wind. So, I mean, Steve Stricker is a world-class playing. You can understand why he shot a 61.

Q. Talk about the course. A lot rain yesterday and still looked pretty good.
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, the course is in great shape. The grounds crew did a great job. We could not have played last night obviously. They wanted to get us out there if we could get any holes in, and we absolutely could not.
Today there is a little bit of wetness on the first couple holes and the course has dried out very nicely all day long. I expect to be playing the ball down tomorrow, which will be great. Hopefully it dries up more. Probably not going to get firm and fast, but it's very soft. Without much wind and if you have good control of your distance and you're making putts, you can shoot a good score like Steve Sticker did.

Q. A 36-hole grind tomorrow. How did you prepare for that? It will be hot and humid, too.
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, well, you got to pace yourself and drink water. I think even what you do today in preparing for tomorrow, making sure you don't overdo yourself working out or maybe staying out all night or whatever. If the other guys want to do that they can. A goodnight's rest and drink a lot of water.

Q. What made you most pleased about today?
LEE JANZEN: Uhm, birdieing two out of my last three holes. I played pretty well all day and kept lipping out. Hit a lit of good shots. Just an occasional miss here and there, and I seemed to cost myself because of it.
To birdie two out of the last three, just I made a couple good putts that felt good today. Made a couple putts because it just seemed like I was struggling to make anything.

Q. Just one of those days the putts didn't drop?
LEE JANZEN: Right. For the most part I think I hit them the way I wanted to. They rolled good, and lipped out I think five times. That's the what it is sometimes. Those go in today it's a 65. So it looks like a really good score when they go in.

Q. How would you sum up your game right now compared to maybe where you'd like it to be.
LEE JANZEN: Pretty close. I feel really good about the way I'm swinging. Generally my short game is in good order because over the last few years I've had to get up-and-down a lot. It's gotten tested pretty well.
I feel pretty good about the way I'm stroking it, I would just like to see some more putts go in. That's all.

Q. You still working with Rick?
LEE JANZEN: No, I've been working with Mike Bender over three years. It's been a long, long, long time.

Q. Like your position for tomorrow?
LEE JANZEN: If I don't like it or like it, doesn't change it any. It is what it is. I'm 8-under, and 36 holes is a good thing. With 36, if you get it going, you got a lot of holes to keep it going. That's my hope.

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