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July 10, 2009

Adam Scott


SCOTT CROCKETT: Thanks for coming in and joining us, as always, Adam. Congratulations on a good morning at Loch Lomond. The 5th aside, you must be pleased.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm pleased, two rounds in the 60s in a row, it's good for me. (Chuckling.)
No, it feels really good the way my game is at the moment. My ball-striking is there again, and just enjoying being out there and being able to do some shots and hit some shots. And coming back well after that 5th hole to finish strong was important in the scheme of this tournament. I'm very happy with the day.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Just talk us through what happened at the 5th.
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I hit it left in the green-side bunker which wasn't too bad, and had plenty of green to work with. Rock got in between the ball and the clubface and just hit the green with topspin and went over the green and into the rough and wasn't in a great position and didn't get up-and-down. A little unlucky there I guess.
SCOTT CROCKETT: But good to come back three birdies in the next four.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, certainly made up for it.
SCOTT CROCKETT: How did you birdie 6?
ADAM SCOTT: 6, I hit a driver and a hybrid on the green quite close maybe 12 feet or ten feet and 2-putted it.
8, I hit a pitching wedge and holed just over a 20-foot putt.
9 was a hybrid and a lob-wedge to four feet.

Q. My recollection is when you played regularly on The European Tour you liked Loch Lomond, and this is a place you thought you could win; is that correct, and do you still feel that?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely, I felt that when I first played here, I enjoyed the club, and also it's a lot like a course I grew up playing in Australia. So obviously that was a comfortable feeling for me knowing years ago and to play a big event.
It's a beautiful place and the golf course is great. Especially on days like today, I mean, we've had few and far between of these. It would be nice to have a good weekend. But yeah, I feel really comfortable out here. It's very generous off the tee which can actually improve your driving, because you know, you're going to hit a lot of fairways, so you get a little confidence.
I've played nicely for two days, so, yeah, I really enjoy coming here.

Q. Presumably good memories of Scotland, Gleneagles, your first win on The European Tour.
ADAM SCOTT: I didn't think it was my first, but I remember that week as probably the best golf I've ever played still. Certainly a fond memory.

Q. Were you at a point where you showed up today expecting to play nicely?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely, after yesterday, if I hit it at all like I did then, hitting this many greens, it's hard to have a bad score. I mean, that's what it feels like, coming from one extreme to the other. It's just been more of that getting my putting into a rhythm these two days, which has been on and off, because I've had a lot of chances and not getting frustrated by a few misses. Hopefully it will start following on the weekend which he can check.

Q. When is the last time you saw your name on the leaderboard?
ADAM SCOTT: Actually at the U.S. Open I did, which was good for the confidence, early in the week. Nice to see it up there for a weekend, anyway.

Q. Greg Norman has spoken about how it's helped him since he met Chrissie about how it helps to have a partner who is also a professional sports person, someone to talk to, and we know you have a friend at the minute who is a top past tennis player. Do you find that's a help for you in your golf, that you have someone to talk to that's operating at the top level in another sport?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I don't know what to answer that question. Sure, yeah, I said yesterday that all areas of my life are in a good place right now.

Q. What was the course in Australia that reminded you of here?
ADAM SCOTT: Hope Island Golf Club is close to where I grew up.

Q. Can you just talk about your Open record a bit? When you first turned up, a lot of people, including Peter Thompson, thought that you would do very, very well in the majors and in The Open, and it has not particularly happened. Do you know why, and how much have you seen of Turnberry and what do you think about that changing?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I spent a lot of years trying to pinpoint why I don't play my best golf in the majors, so no, I haven't exactly figured that out. But working on it.
I love The Open. I love that style of golf. Turnberry, I played on Tuesday, and it's fantastic. I put it right up there with Muirfield as my favourite venues for The Open. It's in perfect condition. It's going to be tough. But you know, I like my chances. I feel good about going in there, especially after playing a couple of good days here and hopefully a good weekend. I enjoy that style of golf, it's creative, you have to hit a lot of different shots which we don't get a chance to do that much of anymore.
Yeah, I think it I just want to go out and enjoy it and have fun and enjoy playing some unusual shots.

Q. When you said yesterday that you would be a better player when you came out of this, was that anything related swing-wise, or just having gone through a bad patch after so many years of good play?
ADAM SCOTT: Both. It was both. I mean, I feel like my putting and my pitching and my chipping has improved this year. I think I'm starting to a better golf swing, as well, but also just a little bit of toughness of kind of pulling myself out of what wasn't a fun few months.
So especially when I've never really gone through that before. So I feel good about that, and I think I will be a better player for it.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Well done today. Good luck tomorrow.

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