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July 10, 2009

Allie White


Q. Good playing. How does it feel to have two nice rounds under your belt in this event?
ALLIE WHITE: It feels awesome. Everybody has been really nice. It feels really good to be out and going. Two more days to go. Lots of golf.

Q. We started following you around the 14th, 15th hole today. When did you start feeling it out there? When did things start to go your way? You seemed to be smiling out there.
ALLIE WHITE: Well, I had a whole crowd of people carrying me out there. I didn't really have to -- I didn't really have to do that much.
My dad was carrying the bag, and they were carrying me. I hit a good chip on 6, and -- no, 7. That helped a lot.

Q. I was talking with them. Seems like a high school reunion from back there. Were you expecting all these people to come?
ALLIE WHITE: No. When they called and said they were coming, I'm like, Are you sure? It's a long drive. I have some high school friends and one of my friends from North Carolina. They all drove like eight hours. Lancaster, it rocks. Good bunch.

Q. They told me they were pretty good at disc golf. Are you going to go see them if they ever make it to the U.S. Open Disc Golf --
ALLIE WHITE: Oh, if they're playing U.S. Open disc golf. I am there. I will be doing like cheers and stuff. I'll be obnoxious. I'm there.

Q. You hit the bunker over here to end the rally. How are you feeling out of there, still finishing up strong?
ALLIE WHITE: Good. I've hit a couple of good bunker shots today. When I saw it went in the bunker, I was like, Okay, at least it's in the bunker. I can probably deal with that.
Yeah, that bunker shot felt really good, and then to knock down the putt gives you a good feeling going into Saturday for sure.

Q. What about all the Ohio Farmer hats?
ALLIE WHITE: My dad is the editor of the Ohio Farmer magazine. He got the hats, and -- yeah. It was his idea to get the hats going.
I was like, All right. Let's do it.

Q. Looking forward to the weekend? Seems pretty good right now?
ALLIE WHITE: Yeah, yeah. There's what? 36 more holes? Lots of things can happen. So just go out there, just do battle, stay patient, be patient and play some golf.

Q. You're going to be here on the weekend.
ALLIE WHITE: I mean, definitely it was the goal, but it feels really, really good. Yeah, I'm feeling great going into the weekend.

Q. How much difference from a regular college event or an amateur event, the atmosphere and things like that?
ALLIE WHITE: Well, I mean, people were watching me in my practice rounds, and I was like, What are you all doing out here? I am mean, I'm just practicing. If you want to come to my town, I do this all the time. But it's -- I mean, there's a lot more people; that's for sure.
But yeah, if you're a competitive person, they all are -- you just want to win every single one of them. It's all pretty big.

Q. How much of a learning experience do you look at this tournament as? I mean, how much do you think you'll learn from it?
ALLIE WHITE: I've already learned, you know, a lot, just from watching the people that I got to play with. And just playing -- everybody's just really, acts like a professional, you know. Just good, good people, and just -- yeah, learning a ton.
I think -- hopefully I'll learn some more unless I go brain-dead. I mean, I should be able to get a few more things in.

Q. (Indiscernible) Having some support. Can you talk about that?
ALLIE WHITE: Yeah, it was like I said, my dad carried the bag, and they were carrying my spirits, so the combination made it really fun to go, just go play golf. I felt like I was like at a basketball game. I was like, Yeah, 3-pointer, you know. It was really fun. It meant a lot that they all came all this way.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ALLIE WHITE: I went to a few. Yeah, it was -- yeah, they cheer pretty loud there. I mean -- yeah. Those guys, those guys are good. But yep.

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