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July 10, 2009

Lexi Thompson


Q. Nice finish after the double on 6.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. That wasn't too good, but I wanted to make one birdie coming in, so that worked out for me.

Q. Happy with the end? Last year you finished with two bogeys and missed the cut. You're going to make the cut this year, coming back from the doubles. Maybe this year it seems like the maturity factor, maybe that helped. You know mistakes are going to happen?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: After that double I was like, oh, no, I don't want to blow another like last year. I tried to just play consistent on the last few holes and hit my driver on the fairway, and if I could keep it close and make a putt, that would be great.

Q. Did you try and stay away from being too aggressive? What was your mindset?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Just playing consistent and hitting the fairway and not really going for attacking pins and playing safe, which I tried to, but sometimes it didn't really work out today, but it was okay.

Q. What happened on that birdie that followed?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. I hit a really far right drive into the deep rough, and then I just punched a 9-iron out, and actually hit a really good 3-wood right by the green and fluffed a chip and putted it right by and missed that putt. And then my birdie I hit a 3-iron to about 15 feet and made it. So I was pretty excited.

Q. Had some really good opportunities at holes 3 and 4. Were they miss-reads?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. I mean No. 1, I sort of hit it a little bit hard.
But you know, I had a lot of opportunities today, but at least they all hit the hole, sort of. At least I didn't miss by like a couple feet.

Q. You talked about last year. Did that go through your mind today?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Sort of. After I made that double, I was like, I don't want to do that again. I'm like just make pars, and if you make a birdie, that'll be great.

Q. (Indiscernible).
ALEXIS THOMPSON: You mean after the second day?

Q. Yeah.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I feel a lot better this year, that's for sure.

Q. (Indiscernible).
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean last year, bogey in was just I was probably panicking and doing all that stuff, but I just, I forgot about the double and just tried to par in, make pars.

Q. Last year did you finish in the morning or the afternoon round?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I think I finished in the afternoon. I don't know, though.

Q. You posted the score and have to wait all day to see the cut?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No. I don't think so.

Q. Did doing well at the Kraft this year convince you this could be a good week for you?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: That definitely helped. Finishing at Kraft I played really well there, and I'm trying to do the same thing here because it's pretty much the same competition.

Q. Do you think you're made for Majors?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Probably not yet. I'm not going to go and say that, but yeah, I'm going to go through Junior Golf, and if I go into these or Kraft, I'm just going to go out there and play well.

Q. Do you enjoy courses where you have to make par where the value is par rather than going out there and try to make as many birdies as you can?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I like the longer golf courses because it sort of brings everybody into play, so I think longer courses are better, you get longer irons in, I like to have opportunities for birdies, but you do out here.

Q. Do you feel like you're right in the middle of this, that you have as good a chance as anyone?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. If I have two good days coming in, for sure, even or under. If I'm just even for the next two days would be good, and if I shoot under, that would be really good.

Q. How tall are you now? Do they think you're going to get taller, have a growth spurt, or have you reached your final height?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I'm almost 5' 9. My doctor said maybe 6' 1, but I've sort of stopped. So I don't know.

Q. At what point during the round were you finally able to exhale? On the 18th, the 9th hole or prior to that and just know that you're okay?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. You know, you never want to go and think that, because on this kind of golf course, with this rough, and I mean your game can go any way, so you don't want to do that, so I played the same way all the way through.

Q. (Inaudible).
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. It was bigger today. I sort of like bigger crowds because when they cheer, it sort of gets you going.

Q. (Indiscernible).
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. It was a little early. I mean 7:00, it's a little early, but yeah, we got no spiked greens, so that was good. But it was fun.

Q. Did it play slow a little bit on your last hole? Did that bother you at all or have you thinking a little?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No, not really. I think we played the first nine really fast, so I guess it sort of slowed me down. But it went good.

Q. Is everything from here on out house money for you? Or were you just looking to come in and make the cut and everything else will be --
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I wasn't just looking to make the cut. I know I can contend if my game's on out here. Now that I'm in like 20th place or whatever place I'm in, I'm going to just try to do the same thing I did the last two days and hopefully it'll be good.

Q. When it comes to working on your game, is it a balancing act between making your game as good as it'll be?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: My goals every year get higher and higher, so I just try to hit my irons really good and my drivers and work on my putting every day. So pretty much everything every day I practice. So try to get better and better.

Q. You're kind of, in your position now at your age, you're the way Michelle was at about the same age, with the same kind of hype, that kind of thing. Do you look at her career from then up until now and say, I might like to do this differently or that differently? How will you compare the way you'd like to go to the way she's gone?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: You know, I actually haven't like looked at that. I know she was really good when she was young, too. So I mean I'm just going to try to keep on going the way I'm going, just take Junior Golf, and whenever I can go pro, I mean I don't really know yet.
I'm only in ninth grade, so I'm not even going to think about that. I'm just going to try to do well for my next few years.

Q. (Inaudible).
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No. No. Yeah. That's my brother's way.

Q. Have you heard from your brother, Curtis, this week?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Curtis I have. My parents have talked with him. He's at The Players yesterday. He started yesterday and shot 69. So hopefully he'll do good today.

Q. Do you take anything from having won the Juniors last year? Does that compare even in terms of finishing off an event?

Q. Can you apply that at all this week or is that just a different ballgame?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: U. S. Junior is Match Play. I mean that is really great for Match Play. I mean anybody can win in Match Play. So you know, it's anybody's game. So just try to do your best.

Q. Do you think the more you win, generally, though, that just makes -- it's just easier once you win, win, win? Can you talk a little bit about how that affects you?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. I mean every time you win, it just makes you stronger and you get to experience it. So it's just better for your game, and you know what to do.
If there's any attack pins, if you don't need to do it, if you don't need to go for a pin, you just don't. Play for par.

Q. Are you hard on yourself when it comes to critiquing your own play?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. I am for sure. I mean, I don't like any bad shots. That's all I can say.

Q. Do you forget any bad shots when you go back to the hotel or does it stick with you?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I try to, but it sort of sticks in my mind.

Q. How is having your father on the bag?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: It's good. He knows my game the best. So we have our father-and-daughter moments. After I hit a bad shot, it's sort of not really pretty, but that's okay. We love each other. (Laughs).

Q. (Inaudible).
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I'll say the truth.

Q. Thank you.

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