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July 9, 2009

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


Q. Nine 3s, how does that feel on a golf course this big?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, I haven't thought about it, but I know I made quite a lot of birdies today, some other silly mistakes, but I'm very happy with my round. It's a great way to start a great tournament.

Q. You got off to a fast start, 4-under early on and then made a couple of bogeys. How do you bounce back from those bogeys and put them behind you?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: I think my caddie helped me a little bit, just you know you're playing well, being 4-under after six holes, that means you are hitting the ball well and holing putts.
At the end of the day, just have to trust your game and working hard, that's the only way. I have to say, it's been 6-under, but it could have been less. I'm not complaining, but just missed a couple of putts there, I holed some really great ones, but I think that's golf.

Q. Scoring is very good today. Did you anticipate sort of scoring when you saw the course in practise?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, I think you always get good results at Loch Lomond and especially this year where the greens are probably the best I've ever played them.
I think the players are going to hole putts and the results may be a bit lower, and especially on such a beautiful day like we had today.

Q. You had a fabulous run of form in April, finishing second three in a row, how do you feel now about your game?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, after three seconds, you are hitting the ball good and you just have to keep going on the same -- keep working on the same line and I know hopefully the results will get one better.

Q. Those three seconds, how did you view them?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: First one was a bit of a disappointment because I would have loved to win the Portuguese Open. I have my training coach, he is from Portugal and he was there that week so I would have loved to win that tournament for him and apart from this, I think it's one of the most beautiful trophies we have on the Tour with the French Open.
The second one was okay. Of course playing on the last, I'm always trying to win but I didn't play well that Sunday. And the last one hurt, I have to say, the last one was probably the most painful.
.but you have to look at the positive thing, too. I can't think of anybody finishing three weeks second in a row. I know guys who have won three weeks in a row, but I mean finishing second, you have to be playing well and at the same time I think you have to be strong up here, because it's not easy to accept defeat, and, well, I have to say I'm pretty proud of these three seconds. I have to take the positive.
Especially in the beginning of the season, if this happens the last three tournaments of the year, that would be different, but happening in April, you have all season to get one better.

Q. Excited about this tournament?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yes, I can't think of any better place to play golf in the world, when the weather is like this, I mean, paradise, heaven must be like this.

Q. And how is the good lady wife?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: She's doing great. She's just struggling because it's very warm, it's very hot in Madrid and as you can imagine with a baby, it's like having central heating on all day. She's not very happy these last couple of weeks, but as I tell her, it's only eight weeks to go, so you just have to keep working.
This is my fourth week in a row and we'll be playing next week, too. The problem is she's not allowed to travel anymore so hopefully I'll be back home after the Open for two weeks and after the US PGA, I will stop until the baby is born. So I'm really looking forward to the two weeks after the Open.

Q. Excited about the prospects of being a father?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Excited or scared -- I'm excited. It's once-in-a-lifetime, but I don't know if I'm ready. I have to admit -- but I guess all of a sudden you see the baby in your arms and it all changes, but at the moment I'm more scared than excited.

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