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July 9, 2009

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE: I played really well going out, hit an awful lot of good shots and putted lovely on the front nine for the first time in a long, long time. I holed everything I looked at.
Hit a very poor second shot at 10. The ball was above me and pushed it into the water. Made a good bogey, holed about a 12-footer for a 5, and then hit an awful shot at 12, second shot. Only had a little gap wedge in there, fatted it short in that big dip where you can't go, so I made bogey again.
But kind of birdied the par 5, up-and-downed it from just short and then made par on every hole. Had a couple of chances and missed them.
I think last year was the first year I can remember really having a bit of a chance really to win the tournament, been coming here a long time, so I feel very comfortable last year and this year, and certainly on the greens. I putted better last year and this week, and today, this is as nice as I can put. If they didn't go in, they were right next to the hole or in the hole. Nice week to start putting well.

Q. What have you done to bring this on?
PAUL LAWRIE: I've been working with Adam obviously, and maybe the hard work is starting to pay off automatically but certainly rolled it as well as I can remember it today.

Q. Playing with the two kids that you already know.
PAUL LAWRIE: I had not played with Martin before, no, first time. Like you say, lovely lads, good players. Martin obviously won last week, so it's always tough to follow a win with another really big week, but he looks as though he's a huge player in the making.

Q. A good three ball, you had pretty decent crowds with you today.
PAUL LAWRIE: No, it was good. You expect that here obviously no matter who you are playing with, you're going to get a few people walking around. It was a good fun.

Q. Superb bunker shot on 17.
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, we had a nice tee shot but the wind we thought it was right-to-left but if anything it went the other way and played a lovely bunker shot.
Apart from the second shots at 10 and 12, you can't really make it much better, I would say, so it was good.

Q. You'll get the greens early in the day tomorrow and hopefully you'll get the benefit of that.
PAUL LAWRIE: But the greens, to be fair, they are really nice and they are starting to get a bit firmer, which is nice. The course is great.

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