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July 9, 2009

Dean Wilson


Q. You're getting into the clubhouse a stroke behind the leader. That's got to give you confidence.
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, it feels good just to get a good round under my belt. I haven't played too well the last couple months, so anything under par feels good.

Q. Being able to play with the leader, how much did that help you to feed off of him?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, it seemed like it was an easy day for us. We kept pouring in the birdies, and unfortunately he finished with a bogey there. But all of us, Patrick, also, we just kind of all played nicely and made birdies here and there, so it's nice to do that when you're all in one flow.

Q. What was working for you today?
DEAN WILSON: The putter. The putter felt good. I gave myself some chances and was able to roll some balls in, and that was nice.

Q. Advantage now playing tomorrow early on the field?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, sure, definitely. Depends on what we have for weather, but I think the weather is going to be the same as it was today. So yeah, get a good night's sleep and start again tomorrow, and hopefully I can continue to play well.

Q. And typically this course does play easier in the morning than it does for the afternoon, so being able to get out in the afternoon when the scores were out there, that's going to --
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, right, sure. The course, the greens are soft now with all that rain we had yesterday. So everybody is going to be firing at the pins and trying to take advantage of the soft conditions. So if it's still soft, you're going to see some birdies tomorrow.

Q. Nobody really ran away today. It's pretty packed going into Friday.
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, I don't know what the scores are, but I'm sure everybody is shooting at the pins, making birdies. If that lead only stays at 7-under, that would be pretty good. You'd think maybe someone would shoot lower than that. You know, I feel good where I'm at, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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