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July 9, 2009

Kenny Perry


Q. Just your thoughts on your opening round here. Looks like you're four shots back right now.
KENNY PERRY: Very pleased with it. I really struggled on the greens today. I three-putted three times. I made six birdies and three-putted three times to shoot 3-under. I've just got to get out there, and hopefully the greens will dry out a little bit more and pick up a little bit more speed. I kept leaving everything short today. I just didn't have any speed on the putts.
Then when I did hit it, I hit it way by the hole. It was a battle for me on the greens.
But I hit it nice from tee to green. I think I hit -- I don't remember missing a fairway or a green out there, so I was right there all day. It was a nice, fun day of golf.

Q. Did the speed vary on the greens quite a bit?
KENNY PERRY: No, they were just so much slower than I'm used to. All that rain yesterday really changed -- I didn't get to play yesterday. I was in the afternoon pro-am, so I had a day off and didn't put on any of the greens, and then I just came out today and they were just slow. I just couldn't get anything to the hole.

Q. What's it like coming back here trying to defend your title?
KENNY PERRY: Just great thoughts. I'm just playing nice golf, and whatever happens, happens. It's always fun to defend. It's a challenge. I've never really played very well any of my defenses, so maybe this will be the first.

Q. Do you have a number in mind you'll have to shoot here this week?
KENNY PERRY: Well, if it stays this soft, if we're fighting thunderstorms like they're saying the next three days, it's going to be a low scoring contest because the greens are holding anything you throw in there.
I picked up a few mud balls today, which was kind of tough out there. But you know, everybody is fighting it and they're all shooting great scores. They're doing a great job managing it out there. I think Lee Janzen was 7-under I saw with a couple to play, and a lot of guys are 6-under. I'm at 3-under and I'm in the 30th spot, so scores are low and guys are going deep.

Q. What do you have to do tomorrow to increase your score and get it to the point where you want it to be and expect it to be?
KENNY PERRY: Make more birdies.

Q. That simple?
KENNY PERRY: Simple question, simple answer. I've got to eliminate the mistakes and I've got to figure out a way to shoot 6- or 7-under tomorrow to catch up.

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