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July 1, 1995

Isao Aoki


LES UNGER: First, we thank you very much for coming at this hour. We know it has been a very, very long day. The start was not great, but after that, things were going very well for you.

ISAO AOKI: Last two days on Thursday, Friday we made 2 bogeys on each day, so we expected two bogeys today too; so first two holes they came too; so we weren't surprised.

LES UNGER: After the rain, after the delay, he went on a run of five consecutive birdies; was he playing better and were the conditions of the course responsible in some degree for that?

ISAO AOKI: I think three hours suspension gave -- made me relax and helped me to cool down after two bogeys, that helped; so I was happy with the suspension at the end.

LES UNGER: Was the course in fact easier or not?

ISAO AOKI: You know, the golf course is U.S. Champions; it is not so easy after the rain so it is still difficult.

LES UNGER: Okay. Are you sorry you had to stop?

ISAO AOKI: Normally, you can't control the weather. You have to stay with nature. So same for everybody, so I mean, I am not disappointed much.

LES UNGER: Do we need a review of the birdies? If you would describe the 5 birdies.

ISAO AOKI: Number 4, driver 8-iron; 24, 25 second shot 8-iron, number 4. Number 5, driver 9-iron, 10 foot.

INTERPRETER: He said is my English is funny, strong accent?

ISAO AOKI: Number 6, driver, left side rough, chipped off 8-iron, sand wedge almost to 10 foot and a birdie. Tee shot, 8-iron one-half a foot and a birdie. Number 8 driver, sand wedge almost 20 foot birdie. Number 9, almost a birdie chance, missed six foot. We just missed it; it ripped out.

LES UNGER: Ever make 5 in a row before?

ISAO AOKI: Many times, too many to remember.

LES UNGER: Ever make 6; what is your record?

ISAO AOKI: One time 8 under with 7 holes that is his record. Last year I play Napa, Silverado last 10th hole, 3-under; do you remember?

LES UNGER: No. I am supposed to ask the questions.


Q. One more birdie 13.

ISAO AOKI: 13th hole is maybe 25, 26, 6-iron to hit the ball, birdie.


Q. After making the 5 birdies in a row, how nervous were you and how much of your comfort zone did you feel you were getting?

ISAO AOKI: I have been playing well; hitting ball solid last three, four weeks. I was kind of confident before we started today. So it depends on putting and putting went well today because that is why I made good scores.


Q. Have you ever been paired with Weiskopf; have you played with him much?

ISAO AOKI: Yeah, same age, so many times before we have played together.

LES UNGER: Thank you very, very much.

ISAO AOKI: Thank you.

LES UNGER: Good luck in the morning.


End of FastScripts....

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