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July 9, 2009

Lexi Thompson


Q. (Indiscernible.)
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I scored well.

Q. Is it different than two years ago?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I was pretty excited. I was pretty determined both years, so determined to do well.

Q. How are you personally different between 12 and 14?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Am I different, you mean?

Q. Yeah, personality approach?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I expect to do a lot better. I mean, every year I put my goals a lot higher, so I just wanted to do well this year, so...

Q. What did the other players say to you?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Well, I know both of the other players. I play junior golf with them. It was sort of like a junior golf event because it was an all-junior group, it was pretty cool.

Q. How about the older players? Have they said anything to you since you got here?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No, I got to play with Cristie Kerr yesterday. That was pretty cool.

Q. What was that like?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: It was fun. She hit it really well, so.

Q. Did she give you any advice or...
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No. Last year she did. She said to just go out there and have fun and just try to do your best.

Q. You seem pretty poised out there. Is that because there's golf in your family? Is that just your personality?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: That's pretty much my personality. I'm really focused when I get out there. I mean, I don't really like to get all too excited and get off- track, so I'm pretty focused.

Q. To stay alive in the tournament, what would it take?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I don't know what place I'm in, but probably even par again tomorrow would be good, I think, on this golf course.

Q. Is this the toughest one you've played?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: You know, it's tough. I mean, the rough is really deep. It gets deeper the more crooked you hit it. I try not to do that. I mean, it's tough and it's really long. It's pretty hard.

Q. Did you know Cristie? I mean, you played with her last year, a practice round.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Not last year. We sort of had the same coach, Jim McLean. Yeah, we know each other through that.

Q. But this was the first year you played a practice round with her?

Q. Did you she ask you or did you ask her?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I think Jim sort of set it up, actually.

Q. What do you do at night here?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Just relax. I mean, watch TV. I mean, I'm going to have to get a quick bite pretty much to wake up for a 7:00 tee time tomorrow.

Q. What do you watch on television?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Movies, any movies. Comedies.

Q. What's your favorite?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I just saw The Proposal a couple days ago, so that was really good.

Q. You've already had a couple of Opens under your belt. How did you feel coming out here?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I was a little nervous. On that first tee shot, I was definitely -- once I get that shot over with, I'm good to go, but that tee shot is pretty nerve-wracking.

Q. How different are you on this third Open versus the previous two?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: The first year, I was pretty nervous, so I was probably nervous on every shot and really excited. This year I'm really determined, and I know I can contend if my game is on.

Q. What grade are you going into?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I'm going into ninth, yeah.

Q. Ninth grade, 14-year-old, U.S. Open, all the greatest players, you hanging like that?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, that's pretty good to know. I knew I could play well. I knew even would be really good out here. You just have to hit it in the fairways and you're pretty much good to go. I'm just going to try to shoot even or under tomorrow.

Q. Ninth grade? High school?

Q. Which school? Where do you go?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I'm home-schooled. To the computer.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Broward Virtual.

Q. What's that like being home-schooled? What's a typical day like for you?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I usually wake up at 6:00, 6:30, and then do schoolwork until like about 8:30 and then eat and go out and practice from 9:00 until like 11:30, 12:00-ish and do more schoolwork, eat lunch, work out, and then go out and play 18.

Q. Do you feel like a 14-year-old? Do you feel beyond your years right now?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Um, maybe a little bit, but I mean, I still go out with my friends and stuff, so -- and I get to hang with my friends. I have a lot of friends on the AGGA Tour.

Q. How many events will you play out there this year?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: A lot. Well, the AGGA this year I probably had about around five, and then I had four amateur events, so...

Q. Are you trying also to get into sponsors exceptions into LPGA events?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, sort of. We haven't really asked, though. The Kraft, I'd like to get into that next year. We don't know if my finish this year helps me with next year, but I hope so.

Q. What part of your game has made you so strong, able to hang out here and be so good?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Today my hitting wasn't that great. I wasn't hitting solid at all. I was losing a lot of distance but my putting was pretty good. I had a few putts that I drained that were pretty long for birdies, so I'm thankful for that.

Q. Now, your nongolf friends, how do they spend their summer vacations?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: We usually -- my friends are golf friends. So we golf together. And then we go, like, to the movies and stuff. Yeah.

Q. Of course you play -- where do you practice?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Eagle Trace. TPC Eagle Trace in Coral Springs.

Q. You live right off the course?

Q. Have you signed a lot of autographs since you've been here?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I was surprised there were that many people in the practice rounds. Not really that much today, but we had to go sign my card, so...

Q. Are they all younger than you? Are they older than you at all?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: There are some young ones. There are some little kids out here. A lot of them are like older.

Q. Have you had like a 17-year-old ask you for his autograph?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, there has been a couple. I mean, maybe not that old. Maybe like 15, like my age. Yeah.

Q. Would you like to be a teen idol, idolized by teenagers?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, for sure. That would be great. It's pretty cool to have somebody to look up to you. That's pretty good to know.

Q. When you play with Cristie, I mean, she was young and played out here at a very young age. Does she talk to you about you ought to go to college, get out here as fast as you can? Does she offer advice that way?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No, she didn't really say anything like that. She only played nine yesterday, so we didn't really talk that much, but she was more focused on getting like all the putts down and all the shots down in the practice round, so she didn't ask me anything like that.

Q. But does she say, Call me any time you want, or do you have that kind of relationship with her?

Q. Is there a plan in terms of that? College? Professional? Anything of that nature?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I don't know. I'm just going to ninth grade. I'm looking at ninth grade right now.

Q. How much more comfortable are you playing in a Women's Open, your first one?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: You mean how much comfortable I am this year?
I mean, yeah, it's a lot more comfortable. The first two years I was still a little bit nervous, but this year I wasn't as nervous and really determined to do well.

Q. Is it cool doing this, with the media and all that, or is it...
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I'm fine with it. I haven't stood on a podium before, but it's all good.

Q. Have you learned at an Open that basically you still have to play your game as opposed to doing something extraordinary or special?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I try to go out there and play my game. I mean, the key here is to hit the fairways and be below the hole. So that's what I was trying to do.

Q. Do you talk to your brother frequently?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I actually haven't. He's talking to my parents, but he says good luck. It just goes from my parents to me.

Q. Do you expect to be nervous tomorrow, or that's done with now that you got a round in?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I shouldn't be nervous, I don't think. I'm just going to go out there and try to shoot even. I mean, pars are good out here. If I get some birdies, that would be just bonus.

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