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July 9, 2009

Greg Owen


Q. I know the last hole, you'd like to have another shot at that one, but a 4-under 67 today. Talk about your round.
GREG OWEN: Yeah, I played nicely, no real mistakes. That was the only bogey I made. I was a little unlucky, just finished -- there was pitch mark in the bunker, it wasn't plugged, but just a nasty slope and a lot of sand on the slope, and I just didn't get the strike I wanted and just gave myself a tough putt for par.
But I played nicely. I missed a short putt on my first hole, which left me thinking, it could have been a better start than that. But it all started coming together, and I played really solid. Didn't miss many greens, and it was nice to play like that.

Q. Eagle 3 on the second hole, the par-5. Tell us about that.
GREG OWEN: Yeah, I hit a drive and it just leaked a little to the right and eventually settled just into the rough. I had 223, I think, to the flag, and just hit a 3-iron to like three feet, just one of the best shots I've hit all year. I hit a lot of good shots today, but that's probably the best one.

Q. I know the last few times out on TOUR you haven't been able to make the cut. How did you feel coming in and how do you feel now and you get ready for round 2?
GREG OWEN: I'm trying to work on my attitude. It's been a little bit short-tempered at times. So I need to try to be a bit more patient. I need to just play my game, and when I play my game and let myself play, I can play. It's when I get many my own way. It's just a habit I've got to get out of.
I'm going to try and just do the same all week, just take one shot at a time as everybody else does and just try and keep playing the way I'm playing today.

Q. Obviously it was a pretty good round today. The last three events you've missed the cut, so where did you find the good play that you're showing right now?
GREG OWEN: I was working at home last Sunday and there were a few changes that I made, more in my posture and setup. They've been paying off a little bit, but my attitude was a lot better today, stayed very patient and took what the course gave me and just got on with it, and it paid off. I'm very happy.

Q. You talked about taking what the course gives you. After all that rain it seems like the course was able to give you a lot. Is that accurate?
GREG OWEN: Well, you can throw them at the flag, obviously. But the greens are very sensitive, but with all, as well, the course is playing longer. I had 230 yards into 9. I was going with a 6-iron in practice, and I hit a 3-iron, still didn't get it pin high today after a really good drive.
The course plays longer, you get a little bit of mud here and there on the ball. And then the greens with them being softer there are more footprints, as well. So there are issues. It is easier to throw them at the flag, but you still have issues to deal with, as well.
It was nice this morning, nice temperature and not a lot of wind, so it was good.

Q. Obviously not the finish you wanted, but still a solid round.
GREG OWEN: That's okay. It played longer than the par-5s anyway, that hole. It was into the wind and there's not a lot of run on the fairways. I was a little unfortunate with the lie I got in the bunker, but I did what I could do out of there, just left myself a tough par putt and missed that, so only mistake of the day, and I'm pleased with my round.

Q. Plenty of rain yesterday. The course seems like it's doing real well.
GREG OWEN: Yeah, there's not a lot of run on the ball on the fairway and the greens are very receptive. But it's holding up real good. It looks good when you're playing it. It's nice to play, and it was softer yesterday. They've done a great job getting it into the shape it's already in.

Q. A solid day to start the tournament, but what do you expect for scores this weekend, or do you even think about that?
GREG OWEN: The way this year has been going so far, I want to just try to do what I've done today. If I can keep playing the way I played today, which I didn't feel like I played great, but I kept it in play and kept my chances and stayed relaxed and patient, so if I can keep doing that, the results will take care of themselves.

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