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July 5, 2009

Andrey Kuznetsov


4-6, 6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel to win Wimbledon?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: Of course, I still can't believe that I made it. So I feel good.

Q. What was it that gave you the advantage out there today, do you think?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: You know, in the beginning I was very nervous because it's a lot of crowd and this big stadium, so I was nervous. I can't show my best in the beginning. I had one breakpoint and didn't use it.
But in the second set I relax a little and I began to play better, then just used my chances and win this match.

Q. What were you thinking after the first set going down?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: I didn't want to lose, of course. I fight until the end, so I win.

Q. When you entered this competition, did you ever think you would go on to win it?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: Of course I wanted, but I couldn't think that I win it. I just played match after match, so...

Q. Would you describe this as the highlight of your career so far, the best moment of your career?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: Of my career? I don't know.

Q. Is this one of your best moments?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: Of course. I think this is the best win in my life, best victory.

Q. What was the atmosphere like out there, and were you nervous beforehand?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: I was nervous yesterday a lot, but today before the match it was not so much. But when I step on the court, it makes stronger.
But in the second set I just start to play my game.

Q. Which opponent was the hardest to beat?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: I don't know. From the first match, it was really hard. Even in the first match, I lost first set, just then win, too.
Tomic wasn't so easy. I don't know. Every match, it was very, very hard.

Q. Who is your inspiration in tennis?

Q. Is grass now your favorite surface?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: I don't know. Yeah, maybe. But I think, yes, it's grass and clay.

Q. How will you celebrate this win?
ANDREY KUZNETSOV: I hope I can come on the Champions Dinner, because I have a plane at 10:30. I hope I can change the tickets.

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