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July 5, 2009

Bryce Molder


Q. Talk about the tournament overall.
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, it's a battle out there on this golf course. When you have a good stretch of holes, you just have to kind of pray to the gods and thank them that you did. It's a little, I don't want to say inconsistent in a bad way, but it's tough out there because the pins are in places to where if you don't know exactly where the ball is going to land and react, then you're taking a little bit of a gamble.
I played away from the holes for the most part and had a lot of decent birdie putts today but not a lot of really good ones. And that's what I mean by it's just such a good golf course. The best is rising to the top it looks like.
But overall, for me I'm just excited because I was fighting my driver at times for the week. I got it under wraps for the most part the last two days, and it's fun when you battle kind of throughout the week and then all of a sudden it feels right.

Q. Talk about what this does for the British Open.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, I came in with -- I didn't really know what to expect as far as for the Open Championship. I know I was fairly close. I knew it was a lot of factors going on; it wasn't just me playing well, it was other people if they played well.
I happened to play really well, and it sounds like I'm in now, and I'm really excited. That means a lot. I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Have you played much golf over there?
BRYCE MOLDER: I've never played in the Open Championship. I've played in the Palmer Cup and the Walker Cup, match play events in amateur golf and college golf. I love playing golf over there, played Turnberry once, and just magnificent, so I'm looking forward to going back.

Q. Was there a number that you had in mind today that you thought would get you into the British Open?
BRYCE MOLDER: Well, it kind of depended today because the tournaments are so tough that if somebody came in there and finished first or second alone and I finished 10th or 15th I could get bumped out. I knew if I played well, then that would take care of it, and the rest of the stuff I couldn't really pay attention to because I couldn't control it.

Q. Talk about the crowds the whole weekend.
BRYCE MOLDER: The crowds are so good here. It was really fun. I played on the Nationwide Tour for a number of years, and they don't get the crowds out there. And then early this year I got in some of the -- I don't want to say some of the smaller events, but some of the smaller events out here, and not as many people, not as much of a buzz.
When Tiger is playing in a tournament, it's just different, it just is. That's what's fun. You hear those roars, and it's fun.

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