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July 4, 2009

Serena Williams

Venus Williams


7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please, for our ladies doubles champions.

Q. Serena, how does it feel to win the doubles as well as the singles? Does it mean any more?
SERENA WILLIAMS: It feels great to win the doubles. You can go home with two titles. There's nothing like winning a title with your sister. It's really a good feeling.

Q. Venus, how important was it for you to come out there and claim the title after having lost in the singles?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, definitely you have to really get focused and continue 'cause there's still a championship match to play. I wanted my name on the trophy.
So, you know, one out of two's not bad.

Q. Any consolation to your loss in the final of the singles?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, I really wanted to win the singles, but they're two separate events. If I won the singles and not the doubles, it's still not the same. So, you know, I tried really hard in both, and I got one.

Q. What's it like to play two important matches on the same day? Were you tired?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No. Even if you're tired you ignore it, just keep the adrenaline going. That's what we were expecting from the beginning of the Championships, to make both finals. We make sure before we come that we're fit to do that.

Q. Is there any non-tactical or strategic banter that goes on between the two of you in a relaxed moment?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Not today. We were really serious. We really wanted to win the title. You know, not even too much this tournament. This tournament in our doubles we've been really serious and never want to underestimate anyone, no matter if we're far ahead or not.

Q. Sometimes does that happen in other events?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Not for a while, because these days it seems we only play the majors. We stay very focused because we want the title.

Q. Serena, you said you're really two different people. How do you think the off-court Serena would view the tough, fierce competitor on court?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, you know, I don't know. I can't even describe it. You know, I don't know how that would view it, because it would be kind of weird because I am the same person.
But, you know, I think it's definitely good to have both personalities so I know when to do what, you know, when to be competitive and when just to be normal.

Q. Does the off-court Serena feel pretty good about the competitor? Do you like that competitive drive, or sometimes do you feel that's intense?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I definitely feel good. I love that I have that competitive drive. I love that I can just kind of relax and just be, you know, who I am when I'm not in competition. It's just something that clicks when I'm in competition.

Q. The sports world at-large looks at Grand Slam singles title as the benchmark for champions in tennis these days. Where do you both put doubles titles in your mind, and where do they rank in your career?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, doubles is huge for us. I mean, because it's a Grand Slam. At the end of the day when your name is by a Grand Slam, that number adds up for us in the doubles.
So obviously singles is our first priority, but the doubles is very important.

Q. Serena, you missed just two mixed doubles to complete all the Grand Slams. Any idea to give it a try?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I've been meaning to. But it's like every year I can't play three events, and I always want to play doubles. So it's like what do I choose, doubles or mixed, and I keep choosing doubles.

Q. Serena, you and Venus collected a little more than one and a half million pounds just from this tournament. Any thoughts on that, like how you split it?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, no. We don't think about money. We're just really excited to be out here and have a chance to play tennis. You know, we get paid for what we do, which is just a bonus. It's just an amazing thing.

Q. During the game you broke serve both times Stubbs was serving. Did you focus especially when she was serving?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, we tried to break both of 'em, obviously. We had chances. But we're really happy with the outcome of the match. I mean, this tournament we've really been playing really strong, and we tried to play just as strong.
But they're a really good team, so they definitely pushed us to play our best tennis on the most important points.

Q. What is the outlook for both of you this summer?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, we're just going to play the US Open Series, leading right up to the Open, and continue to, you know, get our singles rankings up.

Q. How do you celebrate today's victory?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, we've had a long day. We don't know yet. We're just still trying to figure out what we're gonna do.

Q. More cranberry, Venus?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No cranberry today. I didn't win the singles.

Q. I think you both said you'll be pulling for Andy tomorrow. If Roger comes through, 15 is an incredible number. Any thoughts about Roger if he does set that mark?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, Roger is obviously a pinnacle athlete across all sports, and he just does a great job. He's so graceful out there. You know, I love watching him play. I learn so much from him.
You know, I'm a big fan of his, so I would be really excited, obviously, to see what happens if he reaches 15. I mean, to do anything in history is awesome.

Q. Specifically one thing you learn from Roger's game?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I definitely don't think there's one thing you can learn. There's just so many, so many things. There's so much that everyone can learn from.

Q. Has retirement crossed either of your minds?
VENUS WILLIAMS: That's so not the subject right now.

Q. What are your thoughts about doubles titles?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm really excited to have doubles titles. I rack 'em up. I think we have nine now in Grand Slams, not to mention the other ones. You know, doubles really counts. You can see out there. The team we played gave it their all, and we gave it our all. You know, we wanted to win. They really count.

Q. Venus, I know Serena is about to publish her own biography. Have you ever thought about writing your own one?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm sure the day will come. I hope that it will be interesting. But not yet.

Q. Will it be about tennis?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I guess it will be about me, so I'm sure a huge part of it will be about tennis.

Q. Any thoughts about missing the chance to play under the roof?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't think we could have asked for better weather. Especially since Serena and I are in the doubles, it helps if we can stay on schedule. So I was fine with it not raining, because it helped us to have the optimum performance.

Q. How would this year's Wimbledon be distinct with other years?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Maybe it's too soon to tell.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Maybe next year we can elaborate.

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