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July 4, 2009

Daniel Nestor

Nenad Zimonjic


7-6, 6-7, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We have Daniel Nestor and Nenad Zimonjic.

Q. Can you reflect on backing it up from last year?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, it's a great accomplishment. It's great to come back here. One of the first things I noticed was our name on the board, on the big plaque. Now we get it twice. It's obviously going to be special to come back next year and see that.
We played two solid finals. I thought we played pretty well from start to finish. Those guys are obviously a great team. You know, we both served really well, returned well when we had to.
Nenad played great. It's great to be back as champions.

Q. Nenad, what do you think?
NENAD ZIMONJIC: Like he said, you know, I'm not gonna repeat what he said. I just remember the scene last year, you know, the problems with the arms, you know, coming with two pregnant wives here holding hands on their bellies after we won the trophies. Now we have three kids.
We took another picture. Like Daniel said, to see the names there, it's real special. It's always special to play on the Centre Court, a full stadium. I have to say this is the only place with such a big tradition, and the doubles is still very popular.
I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot, every moment, on the Centre Court.

Q. After match point, Daniel, you threw your racquet into the stands. It's not the sort of thing you always do when you win, but...
DANIEL NESTOR: No. I'm getting a new racquet for Davis Cup, so...
I should have thrown them all there.

Q. Was this one different for you because of the opponent and because they were No. 1 ranked and because they've been a rival for you for years and years?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, for sure. It's the biggest stage, like Nenad said, on Centre Court. A great crowd, we're playing our rivals for the last ten years with different partners.
We've had so many tough matches against these guys. It's the first time we played them in a Grand Slam final. It's obviously special to beat them. You know, we've been the best team for the last 18 months. Last year we were No. 1. They've been No. 1 this year. So pretty much for the last 18 months, it's been back and forth.
You know, five, six years before that they've been No. 1, so it's great to be able to play them on a big stage and be able to beat them.

Q. Why do you think you were able to break away in the last set?
DANIEL NESTOR: We're the only team that was able to break serve. Once we got that break in the fourth set, you know, I wouldn't say we really kind of pulled away. There were some tight moments. 15-40, came up with some good serves.
I guess Nenad's two games after that were a little tight. But, you know, we both came through with big serves when we needed them. You know, the whole match we played well as a team.

Q. What would you say the difference was, just generally?
DANIEL NESTOR: You know, in each tiebreaker, both teams were able -- that won the tiebreakers, were able to hit some pretty good returns, I think. That was the difference, finally getting some returns in play.
In the first set tiebreaker, I think actually Mike double-faulted, which got us ahead. And then I can't really remember how we -- what did we win, 6-7 in the tiebreaker? He hit a great backhand; I hit a pretty good return, and Nenad followed it up with a great backhand from the baseline.
I think they got ahead of us in the tiebreaker with some good returns. It was a tight point at 5-3. On Nenad's serve they played a great point. Then we got ahead of them in the third set breaker.
I had a pretty good return to go up two mini breaks. We played a good game to break Bob in the first game of the fourth. Nenad hit some good returns on good second shots, and then we just played well on serve. We came up with some big serves.

Q. Duke of Kent say anything interesting to you?
DANIEL NESTOR: No. I don't think he knew who we were. He just watched the match.
I'm just kidding. No, you know, it's special playing in front of the Royal family. I don't think that was the case last year. But, you know, the Bryans bring out a bigger crowd and a better audience. I think Ben Stiller was there, apparently.
It's nice to play a full match on NBC back home following it. I think last year they only showed two sets. It's a little more special this year.

Q. You talked about during the tiebreak, it seemed that you guys were having a lot of trouble with Bob's serve, that he was really dominating. Then in the tiebreaker, you finally got to him. Was that maybe the turning point a little bit?
DANIEL NESTOR: Well, yeah, I mean, in the tiebreaker, you know, the team that usually can get that one or two returns in play is gonna win the tiebreaker. We were able to do that in two out of the three tiebreakers better than they did.
You know, Bob's got a great serve. But I think Nenad serves just as well as he does, if not better. You know, I served better than Mike today. I think that was the difference probably.

Q. Nenad, in the one game you were serving big all day. In one game you had three double-faults, in the final game you had two double-faults, but in the final game you had two aces to win it at the end. Were you just pumped and going for as much as you could?
NENAD ZIMONJIC: I mean, on grass, especially on this side where I was serving from, I think I was serving a little bit into the wind. Also, you know, at tight moments, like you said, it's all about small things. I'm glad I backed it up. You know, after a couple of double-faults, I backed it up with great serves after that. So that was important.
I'm glad it wasn't the other way around. So, I mean, it's never easy when you have to serve for the match, for the title, you know. You know you're very close. You want to win. It's normal to get nervous and to be a little bit tight.
But it's a great feeling, you know, when I hit that last serve and it was an ace. It was just amazing.
And like Danny said, I mean, both finals, last year and this year, I have to say we played really well. We never lost our serves in those two matches. Both great opponents, tough opponents. I thought before coming to this final it's gonna be very tough and it's gonna be one or two points here or there, and that's exactly what happened.
You know, you have to take chances. I thought we came up with big second serves when it mattered, with bigger returns, and I think we deserved it, you know. It's a great, great really feeling, especially after that semifinals match where we were really in trouble, two sets to love down, 2-1 down.
In the fourth set, a couple of breakpoints at 3-All. You know, we were very close to lose that match, so it's really great to finish like this.

Q. Are you No. 1 again now officially?
DANIEL NESTOR: As a team. Not in the individual rankings.

Q. Second title you won.
DANIEL NESTOR: It's amazing. We started playing together to win Grand Slams. That's what we've done. Unfortunately, this year at the French Open I played a bad match in the semis. I thought we could have easily won that slam, too.
You know, we almost won the French last year. You know, our opponents were really hot in the final. Didn't give us much chance that day.
But, you know, the way we play together, we give ourselves a chance to win every tournament and every Grand Slam. We have a good chance of winning on every surface, I think, which is nice.

Q. I imagine your unbeaten streak now is 12 in Wimbledon. I imagine you're coming back for sure next year to defend.
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, we'll be back. Be a year older. But I don't feel the age yet. I'm hoping that stays for a while. I feel my game is the same year after year.
I think it's easier to play doubles like this obviously than singles. I'm sure eventually there's going to be a time in my career where I'm gonna feel a little bit slower, but hopefully that doesn't come soon, so...

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