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July 4, 2009

Rod Pampling


Q. Just a couple general comments on the round today, the putt and so forth.
ROD PAMPLING: I enjoy playing with Tiger. He's a good guy and so is Stevie. It's very easy out there. You know, it's a great stadium to be in when you've got the world's No. 1 and a massive gallery in the last group out. It's fun to be out there. You don't get it as much as Tiger does obviously, and he becomes so used to it. But it's such a great stadium to be in when you're right in amongst it. It's cool.
We practice so hard and we want to be in that scenario playing with him amongst a massive crowd, and then you make a big putt on 14 and it's huge. Normally it's him getting the roars, but it's nice that you can hit a massive putt like that and get the roars, as well, that go with it. But it was a huge bonus obviously to make that putt.
It was one of those putts where the pin, everything funneled towards it, so it was kind of, yes, you had to get the speed right, and yes, it's a massively long putt, but it was a lot easier than I guess it looked because the left side, it all goes straight to the hole. So basically you were looking at getting the speed right. You know, it definitely had a good chance, and thankfully it went right in the guts.

Q. Is that the longest putt you think you've ever made?
ROD PAMPLING: I think it's close. I don't know the exact number.

Q. It was 82 feet.
ROD PAMPLING: I think I had like a 68-footer at Tampa one year. But yeah, that's a monster, that one. Pity there aren't more of those.

Q. I guess you were 1-over today, but you're still right in the thick of it. You're just two back. Just lastly a couple comments on how you're feeling heading into tomorrow.
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, I made a good putt on 18, so I don't think I was putting bad out there. The greens were getting certainly a lot bumpier than I expected. I thought with the greens drying out they would have smoothed out a little bit more, but they were certainly a little bit crusty. I missed a few short ones which I haven't been missing.
It certainly feels good. I'll get on the range now, and I think that's definitely the biggest test, not having been up around the leaderboard for such a long time, and I felt great out there in Tiger's group. I guess I'm with Jim Furyk tomorrow, so there will be a nice crowd, and it's nice to play with Jim and Fluff. They're good guys. I think it's going to be nice, relaxing out there, and just hoping to go low.

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