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July 4, 2009

Cameron Beckman


NELSON SILVERIO: Cameron Beckman, thanks for spending a few minutes with us here in the media center. Get us started with just some general thoughts on your round.
CAMERON BECKMAN: I started off kind of slow. I was 1-under going into 9 and made about a 25-footer on 9 and that kind of got me going.
Hit a nice shot into 10, which to me, that's a pretty tough hole, and made par.
And then birdied 11, hit it pretty close on 11, and that kind of got me cranking.
Then I birdied 12, hit some nice shots going around, and chipping in for eagle on 16 was kind of the big one, kind of got me in the game.
Had a couple nice chances on 17 and 18 but didn't make them, but still happy with how I played.

Q. This isn't a course you've historically played well at and you've missed a couple cuts, the last two cuts. Has there been any indication in your game that you might play well this week?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I spent last week working really hard on my swing. It had been getting a little -- I hadn't been hitting the ball that well and kind of back -- I'm sort of hitting a fade off the tee again and hitting a lot of fairways.
The stuff I'm working on has just kind of straightened me out a little bit, and I'm hitting it pretty good. Everything seems to be going pretty good.

Q. Can you go over 16? How did you play it? What did you chip with? How far out was it?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I think it was about ten yards it said on the board. I just hit a driver and a 3-wood just short left of the green. I had a perfect little uphill lie with a little downhill, and I was trying to land it a little short of where I did, but it just checked up a little bit and rolled right down in.

Q. What do you do when you see those boards and you've got like a 25-foot putt and it says, Cameron Beckman ranks 185th on TOUR in putting?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, you never see it because it says it while you're putting, doesn't it? I don't know, I'm not looking up, but I did notice I was ten yards from the hole. It said, Cameron Beckman just made it from ten yards, or whatever that new thing they're doing is. Those boards are cool, I guess, for the spectators, but I'm not spending a whole lot of time watching them.

Q. When you actually chip in?
CAMERON BECKMAN: You know, we do use it to see who's out sometimes.

Q. Do you trust that stuff?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, ShotLink is pretty sharp, isn't it?

Q. Did it dry out at all? Did it play a little faster today?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, the fairways definitely are. The greens are still pretty receptive. They're a little bit firmer than the first couple days, but I think -- I don't know what the weather forecast is. Hopefully we won't get any rain so it firms up a little bit more.
There's some dry spots on the greens, but there's still -- you can still hit a 7-iron that lands and stops right where it's sitting. You've just got to pay attention to where you're landing it and pretty much firing it at the pins I would think.

Q. It seems like you normally play your best golf late in the season, so is it encouraging to be playing well this early, especially on a course like this?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I kind of sat down and kind of looked at what I've been doing. I haven't played terrible this year. I've made a lot of cuts and just done so-so, and I'm trying to just -- I set a little goal up to the FedExCup. I'm going to play three on and then take two off and play Bridgestone, PGA, and just kind of reassess after that. Just trying to get in the action a little bit.

Q. Michael Allen was just in here, been out here a long time, has never won and is in this position. Can you imagine going to Q-school nine times, quitting the game, coming back? What does that say about a guy?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, considering I went to Tour school ten times, yeah, I know exactly what he's feeling. He's a great player, and obviously he wins the PGA, the senior event, and he can still compete out here. There's no question about that. I'm surprised he hasn't won to be honest with you. He's been out here a long time, and maybe it's his time, we'll see. But I can relate to his story a little bit.

Q. Having been through Q-school so many times, would you say that pressure is greater or being in the hunt on Sunday to win a PGA TOUR event?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, there's nothing like trying to get your Tour card. I mean, because either you do it or you don't have a job. If I don't play well tomorrow, I'm still going to play next week. You know, going through the Tour schools and stuff, you learn so much about yourself. I think it's a lot harder.

Q. A couple of questions. What was the atmosphere like out there?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Great. There's a zillion people out there. It's always nice to play with a lot of people out there. Obviously Tiger always brings that to every event he plays in, and it just makes it more fun. It's just more energy, you know.

Q. You wouldn't have played here in '97, right?
CAMERON BECKMAN: What was it, the U.S. Open?

Q. Yeah.

Q. Secondly, have you given any consideration at all to Turnberry?
CAMERON BECKMAN: As in -- I tried to qualify but I didn't make it.

Q. I know you didn't, but there's still a couple weeks left, here and Deere.
CAMERON BECKMAN: I don't know what it is for that, Money List position or --

Q. Do you want to?
CAMERON BECKMAN: No. Yeah, I mean --

Q. It's actually too complicated to explain to you, but --
CAMERON BECKMAN: Is there a Money List position?

Q. Money List and basically Top 5 not otherwise eligible, one player from that.
CAMERON BECKMAN: I would love to play, absolutely.

Q. You'd still go?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Oh, absolutely. I'd go for sure. I love that golf. I played in Troon -- actually I qualified for Troon here when the qualifying was at these two golf courses. It's awesome.

Q. Good karma.
CAMERON BECKMAN: Maybe, we'll see.
NELSON SILVERIO: Cameron Beckman, thanks.

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