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November 20, 2005

Luke Donald

David Howell


Q. Obviously not the way that any of us would have wanted to finish this tournament, and you know, a shame you couldn't defend your title, how do you feel?

LUKE DONALD: Obviously a bit disappointed. Happy for Wales, they played great, but we would have loved to have gone out there and played 72 holes. We were in a good position, so we didn't come here to finish second but those decisions, you know, can't really control the weather unfortunately.

Now, I've had that decision where I've been in the lead before, Southern Farm Bureau and it seemed like the best decision. Obviously I would have loved to have played this time.

Q. How do you feel right now?

DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, it's disappointing, but at least, you know, the weather was disastrous today. Two shots, foursomes, obviously the swing is out there as well, who knows what would have happened. Would loved to have gone out there and had a go. Can't do anything about the weather, and if it's going to be that bad tomorrow, well, if we get up tomorrow and they have the forecast wrong, that's the only worry that you might have.

But Wales they obviously played fantastic and they kept going strong yesterday. Like Luke said, if you're in the lead, obviously you would want to go out and win over 72 holes as well, but if you're in the lead it feels like the right and correct decision.

Q. What is on for you two now over the course of the season?

DAVID HOWELL: I have got absolutely nothing to do for five weeks, whereas my partner is still yet a busy man.

Q. Target, Sun City?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, Sun City, Target, 3 1/2 weeks before I'm going to the Sony, so not much rest for me.

Q. Any concern knowing what the weather was for today?

DAVID HOWELL: I had not given it one thought whatsoever. We're playing as hard as we could to do as well as we could yesterday and get ourselves in position for today. It didn't cross my mind as far as I as I was aware. The weather forecast for yesterday was terrible and we came through the day pretty much unscathed, so it wouldn't have changed anything, certainly from our point of view.

I suppose if all of the teams were thinking that it was going to be the last day, the question would have been more a different situation maybe, but in some ways, you know, the idea is to keep playing well obviously.

LUKE DONALD: We were not contemplating it being 54 holes. We were just trying to play as well as we could all day yesterday and all week, really. Disappointing, but the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

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