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June 27, 2009

James Kingston


Q. Congratulations for a great round today. Do you think at 13-under par that you're still in contention for the win?
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. I played nicely today. It's the kind of golf course if you get going, lots of birdie opportunities out there. So it's always a possibility of a low number out there.

Q. So if you see Retief Goosen play, what can you say about tomorrow, about your confidence?
JAMES KINGSTON: Obviously Retief is playing nicely. He's upped his game the last few months and he's obviously worked hard at it, and you can see he's obviously playing the way we all know Retief to play.
But you never know. You go out there, you put the ball in play and give yourself a few opportunities, you never know what can happen.

Q. A lot of rain the last couple of days but many players have said they still like the course and there are a lot of birdie chances. What can you say about that?
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. I think for the amount of rain that they have had on the golf course, it's in immaculate conditions, especially the greens. I never thought the greens would hold up that well. It just tells you how good the greens really are.
The rest of the golf course, it's obviously wet but with lift and clean, you know, you still get a good lie. So the golf covers is playing very good.

Q. BMW as a sponsor, what can you say about the tournaments all over the world and what BMW is doing for the players?
JAMES KINGSTON: If it wasn't for sponsors like BMW, The European Tour might even be in trouble. These trying times, we need sponsors like BMW, and over the years they have just been very good to The European Tour. It's probably one of our flagship sponsors, and we really appreciate as players what BMW is doing for us.

Q. Obviously a good finish there, didn't birdie the last, but it's a strong finish nevertheless.
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. I started really nicely the first few holes, didn't make a single putt. Almost got frustrated when I made a good eagle at 6. That got me going a little bit. Got it back on 10 which was disappointing but obviously finishing strongly at 15, 16, 17, a few good shots and a few good putts, I feel like I'm obviously back in contention.

Q. Sum up your year as a whole, a little bit iffy, bits and pieces?
JAMES KINGSTON: I think I had a good year last year. I had a tough end to the year, and I just wanted to take some time out.
Obviously I have not played as much as I normally would have played and I could feel my game has always been a little rusty.
But always planned on playing a little less. I'm going to play hard from now onwards and I've worked a little bit on the game, so hopefully we can kick in now and get going.

Q. Are you looking at Race to Dubai and finishing in the Top 60; that the goal now?
JAMES KINGSTON: At this stage I said to myself, if I get in, I get in and if I don't I'm not going to kill myself over it. But I've got so many events coming up, I've obviously got to play well from now in and give myself a chance but I'm not going to make it the end.

Q. There are big been events coming up so you have a lot of opportunities?
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. Just have to play well.

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