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November 19, 2005

Stephen Dodd

Bradley Dredge


RODDY WILLIAMS: Bradley, Stephen, very well played once again, two shot lead going into the final round. Bradley, perhaps you can start us off with some thoughts on a rather nice position to be in?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Stephen played fantastic today. He played some great golf today, and I was able to come in when he wasn't there, which wasn't very often. So I managed to just hit really nicely. I knew towards the end, Stephen plays really well under pressure so I thought I'd slip through the water. (Laughter). Yeah, pleased with that.

RODDY WILLIAMS: You did look pretty relaxed out there even when Bradley was in a bit of trouble; your thoughts on the day?

STEPHEN DODD: Today was obviously a good day for us. As he said, we combined really well and we were always both one of us always had a chance at a birdie, which is the key really in four ball. You've got to be looking to make as many as you can.

Q. Do you agree with Bradley's assessment that you played fantastic?

STEPHEN DODD: No, not really. He played great, as well. We played great in patches which is what you need to do in this format.

Q. What was the shot that gave you the most satisfaction today?

STEPHEN DODD: Probably the shot to 17 I would think. After the shot you hit

BRADLEY DREDGE: It gave me the most satisfaction watching it. (Laughter).

Q. Was it a 5 wood?

STEPHEN DODD: No, 3 wood.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How about you, Bradley? What was your shot of the day?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Like I said, watching Stephen from the fairway, went straight over the water on 17; that was the shot of the day. I was quite happy watching it sail over the water and land on the green.

Q. You must have been happy with your eagle, two, which made the difference.

BRADLEY DREDGE: You're obviously looking to make three on that hole. You're just looking you sort of expect one of you to hole it there. It was nice that it was me. So, you know, made an eagle really helps the team score obviously.

Q. So how wet was the course?

BRADLEY DREDGE: It was very, very wet in places.

STEPHEN DODD: There were patches where we were taking relief because of the wetness of the fairway.

BRADLEY DREDGE: It was playable, though, mostly.

Q. Are you nervous? Excited? What?

BRADLEY DREDGE: What, Doddy get excited? (Laughter).

STEPHEN DODD: We're just getting on with it.

Q. It's been 18 years since Wales last won, so it's obviously in the mind, what are your feelings about the chance?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, I think that we're both obviously in a really good position. I think coming into this tournament, we're both playing good golf, and we just are giving ourselves a chance to go out there tomorrow and have a chance to go out and finish it off which is what I want to do.

Q. 700,000 U.S. dollars each to the winners; what does that represent in terms of the highest check either of you have earned before?

STEPHEN DODD: More. (Laughter).

Q. By a factor of?

STEPHEN DODD: I have no idea what. The Irish Open was the biggest. I can't remember. 200,000 pounds, something like that. So it's a big increase.

Q. At least double?

STEPHEN DODD: A big increase.

Q. Is the money more important than the title?

STEPHEN DODD: (Laughing).

Q. Would this beat Madeira?

BRADLEY DREDGE: By about (stretching arms widely). Oh, definitely. It's a big thing, obviously you're playing for your country, and as you said, we haven't won since '87, which was probably the first time we ever won it. So to actually do it again would certainly beat Madeira for me.

Q. And the fact that you can do it at the expense of England?

BRADLEY DREDGE: It's always nice great to beat them in ruby, and great to beat them in golf.

Q. Do you have a red version of that sweater?


Q. What about tomorrow, the format tomorrow, is that in a sense a good thing with a two shot lead?

STEPHEN DODD: I don't know. We're just going to have to play well. Whatever the format is, we're just going to do our best.

Q. And how do you approach that? Do you just stand up and hit your shots and then hit the next shot or do you try

STEPHEN DODD: We just get on with it.

Q. You don't try to play to each other's strengths?

STEPHEN DODD: Not really. We're both pretty good from wherever we are so we both let each other get on with it.

BRADLEY DREDGE: It's pretty simple the way we play. You just go with your own shot and hit it as good as you can hit it and that's all you can do.

Q. Do you read putts together?

BRADLEY DREDGE: No. Everybody reads putts differently, so let each other get on with it.

STEPHEN DODD: It could be quite confusing if someone else is seeing a different line than what I'm seeing, which puts doubt in your mind, which is something you don't really want.

Q. If the nerves do start to jangle when you're in the position, do you want anybody else but Stephen there?

BRADLEY DREDGE: He's a fantastic partner, the way he hits the ball, he hits it so straight and he's got a great short game. We get on very well on the course, so I think that's important, as well. So he's a great partner to have, he really is.

Q. Would you say you are two totally different characters? Are you similar?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I think we are similar in a lot of ways. That's why we get on I think. I think that is a big key to it all. The biggest key to this game, this sort of format is that you both get on really well, and fortunately we do.

Q. When were you last nervous, genuinely nervous?

STEPHEN DODD: There's different degrees of nervousness. Yeah, you're fairly nervous out there today. You're bound to be but it's how you deal with it. Try not to worry about it.

Q. Qualifying School the worst thing of although, in golf?

STEPHEN DODD: I suppose it is probably the worst thing I would imagine.

Q. You imagine?

STEPHEN DODD: Well, yeah. (Laughter).

Q. Are you going to go and watch the rugby anywhere today?

BRADLEY DREDGE: We were just chatting about that now. Roddy said they are playing at five o'clock, so we might venture into a place that's got SKY Sports and see if we can watch it.

End of FastScripts.

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