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June 27, 2009

Kenny Perry


Q. What's your overall feeling with the round today?
KENNY PERRY: Good round. Made a lot of nice crucial par saves in the middle of the round to keep me going and made a lot of nice birdie putts, so I'm right there, ready to go for tomorrow.

Q. I'm sure you'd like to have 18 back again.
KENNY PERRY: Well, when it gets dark, I don't see very good. I never have. I complain every time. I can't see the lines when it gets dark, and you know, that's just the way it was.

Q. You've been at the top of the leaderboard since day one. Are you feeling any pressure or --
KENNY PERRY: No. I don't have nothing to gain. I mean I got everything -- I don't have nothing to lose tomorrow. I've been there, done that, done about everything I need to do on the PGA TOUR, so I'm just going to enjoy the walk.
Paul needs to win. He needs to get out there and do something, so I'm going to play relaxed golf. I'm going to try to make lots of birdies, see if I can get out there.

Q. Course play any different, Kenny, than it did for you yesterday?
KENNY PERRY: We had a different wind today. Seemed like 13 played downwind today where it's been into the wind. Those holes going that direction were all downwind, so we had an opposite wind today.

Q. Nonetheless, Kenny, saying there's no pressure tomorrow, but one shot behind, chance to win a tournament, there's gotta be some kind of competitive side of you that comes out.
KENNY PERRY: Definitely. I hate to lose. I'm going to play as hard as I can play, but I'm not going to be nervous. There's a difference.

Q. How much of the hole on nine did that putt catch, do you remember?
KENNY PERRY: It did a toilet bowl. It did a three, 720 or whatever. It went around a whole bunch of times. I've never seen one do that and stay in the hole. Yeah. Pretty cool.

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