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June 27, 2009

Casey Wittenberg


Q. Congrats on the round. Was it strange having to go back out there, be the only guy in your group on the fairway to hit?
CASEY WITTENBERG: Yeah. It was a little weird. I wish I could have hit it -- been off kind of on my rhythm a little bit, although I hit a good shot, but you know, sitting inside kind of gets you a little cold, and I was making some putts and doing stuff, and I hit a pretty good putt on 18, but unfortunately it just didn't go in.

Q. Can you talk about that stretch on the Back 9? Is that about as well as of a stretch as you've played this year?
CASEY WITTENBERG: Yeah, no doubt. I got in a groove there. I hit a great 4-iron on 10 after kind of hitting a poor drive, and hit great shots 11, 12 and 13.
15 is kind of a risk-reward hole, and I hit a good tee shot when the wind started to blow, and got a little lucky on 16, kind of guessed, hit a decent shot. It went in. You know, that's kind of how it goes.

Q. Obviously you've struggled a little bit coming in here. Had you been hitting the ball well and just not scoring or had it been something else that you've corrected in the first three days here?
CASEY WITTENBERG: No. I think I've just -- you know, I'm just slowly trying to come back into my own this year. It's been a slow grind for me, but hopefully things will turn the corner.

Q. Obviously you'll be in one the last couple of groups tomorrow. That's gotta be kind of exciting. And of course, there could be a lot of people, and playing with guys like Perry and Toms.
CASEY WITTENBERG: Yeah. It's all the same thing, come out and execute, play good golf, and it all takes care of itself.

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