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June 27, 2009

Kenny Perry


Q. Kenny, I don't know if there's ever a good time to blow the horn, but you're looking at a birdie putt on 16, and as you're about to line it up, the siren blows.
KENNY PERRY: That's kind of the model for the Northeast, I think. We are stop and start and regroup, and I should have a lot of patience from last week. It kind of got me ready for today, I guess.

Q. Brilliant ball striking again today. You've made a lot of birdies out there.
KENNY PERRY: Well, it's been interesting. I've had a lot of good holes and I've had some bad holes, but it's been fun. My putter's ready. I feel like I can make any putt I look at right now.
And I don't feel as comfortable over the ball today as I did yesterday and had no putter. It's weird. Putter feels great today. Ball striking is just average.

Q. You know, it seems like every time Larry Rinker works the broadcast, you win. He's working the broadcast this week. He said he gave you some tips up Muirfield. Is that right?
KENNY PERRY: He did. He told me to take it a little more back inside a little bit on my takeaway because I kept kind of hitting pull draws a little bit, and it didn't work that week. I didn't play very well.
So Larry, you need to come up with another tip. You just keep working the booth. I'll keep winning and you keep working the booth and I'll see you afterwards.

Q. Also, you mark your ball with a sentimental coin and you had to ask permission if it was okay to change that mark. Everything's fine out there.
KENNY PERRY: Oh, yeah. I didn't want nobody to steal it. I've had a couple marks I've had through my career and I've had rain delays and I'd leave it on the green and come back and it's gone. So I just changed mark, put another one down there and kept Old Faithful with me.

Q. Rinker says he has you on the speed dial.
KENNY PERRY: All right. Appreciate it.

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