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June 27, 2009

Bo Van Pelt


JOHN TAUTGES: Bo Van Pelt, the clubhouse leader, a nice round for Bo today, 6-under 64 to get to 12-under. He joins us right now. Bo, John Tautges and Larry Rinker, very good playing out there today. Talk about the round.
BO VAN PELT: Thanks. I feel like I've been swinging the club well all week, and I finally made some birdies coming in.
Tee to green has been really good and just finally made some coming in, which was nice. Three-putted 13 for par, and wasn't real happy about that, but hit a good shot on 15 and good shot on 16 and made a nice putt there on 18.
LARRY RINKER: Bo, what are the players going to look at here coming in these last five holes?
BO VAN PELT: You know, it's a great finish here at the TPC, as you know, Larry. It's a lot of risk-reward. 15, anything could happen. You could make anywhere from two to five. 13's the same way. They got the tees up on 16, so I think guys can make a birdie there. But 17's a challenge and 18's back into the wind. So a little tougher driving for guys. You can't knock it past the bunker.
So I think it'll be any range. I think you can see guys be like me and birdie three of the last four or you could see guys make a couple bogeys coming down the stretch.
JOHN TAUTGES: Well, you birdied three of the last four coming in today, but how about that start for you way back on Thursday for the eagle?
BO VAN PELT: Yeah. It was a nice way to start. I hit a good drive down there and it was just a perfect wedge yardage, and lo and behold, my caddie decided to line me up this week. I'd been fighting my alignment a little bit, so he lined me up, and sure enough, I hit it behind the hole and it sucked back right in, so he's basically stuck with lining me up the rest of the week.
LARRY RINKER: Bo, you had some success in kind of the middle of this year, played pretty good through Quail Hollow, struggled a little bit since then. What are you doing this week to get back on track?
BO VAN PELT: You know, I just haven't made any big numbers. I feel like the last month I've probably hit it tee to green as good as I ever have in my life, and I just for some reason have been finding a way to make a double or a triple during my round, and as you know, Larry, that's just a killer out here. There's too many good players, and it's just been killing my momentum.
So even though my results haven't been very good. I mean I've been going into every week excited about how I'm playing, and this week I have been able to stay away from the big numbers.
JOHN TAUTGES: Larry knows about those big numbers all too well.
LARRY RINKER: I do. I've made a few. Bo, did you feel -- I know you didn't make the cut last week at the Open. But there's always something about playing in a major that you learn something, and even if you don't play that great, sometimes it helps you.
BO VAN PELT: Yeah, you know, it was a weird week for me. I was first off, so we got kind of the brunt of the bad weather. I played great. I was only one over par in the rain, and I was three over in my first round and got off to a horrible start. I started off double bogey, bogey, bogey. Things aren't looking very good, and then I birdied five out of eight holes. I'm back to plus three for the tournament, and really right in there, and just hit a poor shot on 8, the par-3, up in these rocks and the high grasses can happen at Bethpage, and I ended up making a triple, so last week was a perfect example. I felt like I played good enough to be in the top 15 after two days and I'm on a plane going home Friday night. So even though I missed the cut, I took a lot of positives away from it and I've had some success at this golf course before, so I looked forward to the opportunity.
JOHN TAUTGES: Well, you keep playing well. That was a great finish on that Back 9 today to get you right in this golf tournament, so go have a great Sunday.
BO VAN PELT: Thanks. I appreciate it. Thanks, guys.

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